“IT Factor Entertainment Announces Launch: “Bringing a New Global Pop Sound to the World“”

IT Factor Entertainment is a newly-launched Seoul, South Korea-based entertainment company, and pitches itself as focusing on ‘developing, nurturing, and managing new musical acts for an international audience’.

According to the company, their focus on bringing entertainers from all over the globe as well as Koreans from other countries, introducing them to Korean culture to celebrate everything that is great about it and also celebrating their own national influences – sets their company apart from other agencies in the entertainment industry.

This idea and approach would encourage the development of a true global sound, and has the goal of promoting Korean culture, putting it in an exciting, positive light while also contributing to the Hallyu wave.

“We are taking the relationships with our artists very seriously in a way that’s going to be a game changer here in Korea,” commented a spokesperson from the company.

“Our team are experts in delivering outstanding artist representation, smart consulting that leaves nothing to guess work, important career counseling, and all important public relation work. Our artists won’t have to look elsewhere – every aspect of their career from development to branding and even producing their albums and setting up their tours can be handled by IT Factor Entertainment.  We’re a family, and we’re going to succeed together!”

IT Factor Entertainment is currently conducting auditions for new acts, accepting media interviews and bringing on board new investors interested in helping to bring their vision to the next level.

Visit their website or IT Factor Entertainment’s various social media platforms and for more information!


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