“[NEWS] Ding Dong unveils new menu inspired by childhood favourites”


The brainchild of Spa Esprit Group’s Cynthia Chua with Chef-owner Ryan Clift of the famed Tippling Club, the folks at Ding Dong are known for serving up playful mod-Asian cuisine. This time, the restaurant has looked to the past for inspiration to create its new food and cocktails menu line-up. The bar and culinary team at Ding Dong injects elements inspired by their childhood into a series of eclectic, modern, yet nostalgic textures and flavours in their latest culinary creations.

Head Chef Jet Lo and Chef-owner Ryan Clift have put their heads together to create nine exciting new dishes, putting a spin on staple favourites from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the rest of Asia. The new menu offerings stay true to Ding Dong’s ethos of serving up traditional and familiar Asian dishes in a fun and unexpected way, hitting a little closer to home with locally inspired flavours.

Childhood Favourites

Featuring freshly imported premium produce, the new menu items boast a diverse blend of everything that is amazing about Asia, prepared with the sophisticated modern cooking techniques Ding Dong is well-loved for.

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Vegetable ‘Kon Lao Mee’

Ding Dong’s new culinary creations evoke nostalgia with items like the refreshing Vegetable ‘Kon Lao Mee’ – a fun take on a traditional noodle dish from Chef Jet’s hometown of Sabah, Malaysia. It substitutes noodles with shredded root vegetables and is served together with sliced Mangalitsa pork imported exclusively from Hungary. Other dishes include the savoury ‘Nan Ru’ Pork Ribs which combines red and white fermented bean curd with an in-house ginger and apricot sauce, and the tender Wagyu Beef Char Siew slow-cooked for 48 hours to perfection, accompanied with pickled papaya and yellow cherry tomatoes.

Adding a sweet finish to the menu are new desserts that play with different textures. Lending a wow-factor to the menu is the Frozen ‘Pulut Panggang’ with Pandan & Coconut, a modern take on the traditional grilled glutinous rice dish; and the Mah Lai Goh ‘Malay Steamed Cake’ served with fresh bananas, banana cream and jelly; ensuring an indulgent conclusion to every meal.

Dizzying Asian-Inspired Tipples

For Ding Dong’s bar, Tippling Club’s Head Bartender Kamil Foltan has whipped up six new concoctions that are a well-balanced medley of punchy flavours and spices.

For a celebratory toast, opt for the Passion ’65 – a citrusy mix of Aylesbury duck vodka, umeshu and champagne, while the Jack the Yoke with Jackfruit infused Aylesbury duck vodka and dassai sake makes for an unconventional yet delicate drink.

Microsoft Word - Ding Dong Reminisce the Past, Recreate the Pres

Stylo Milo

Ding Dong pays homage to our nation’s 50th birthday this year, with dizzying concoctions including the Orchard Boulevardier, a spin on the classic Boulevardier cocktail with Yamazaki distillers reserve; Singapore Fling, a Tanqueray gin-based cocktail with Cointreau and creole bitters; the cheeky Stylo Milo, a dessert-style cocktail of Hakushu distillers reserve, green chartreuse and Milo concentrate served in a crumpled green cup to emulate the cups from the Milo trucks that many Singaporeans are familiar with growing up here.

Set Lunch Promotion

Make the most of your mid-day meal with Ding Dong’s 3-course set lunch. At $25++ per person, you can enjoy three delicious dishes chosen from a menu of options that changes on a monthly basis. To complete your meal, top up an additional $10++ for a glass of wine or Suntory premium malt.

Ding Dong is open for lunch every Monday to Friday from 12.00pm to 3.00pm, and for dinner from Monday to Saturdays from 6.00pm to 12.00mn. For more information and reservations, head over to their official website


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