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“[MELBOURNE] SEVENTEEN dazzle Australian fans at first fanmeeting Down Under”

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Late last month, the talented boys of rising rookie group SEVENTEEN (S.Coups, Jeonghan, Joshua, Jun, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, DK, Mingyu, The8, Seungkwan, Vernon and Dino) landed in wintry Melbourne for their first ever live show in Australia. Held at the state-of-the-art Plenary in Southbank, enthusiastic CARATs gathered outside the venue from early morning in anticipation of the fanmeeting. Some dedicated fans had even flown in from various parts of the continent to attend the event!

Barely five minutes into the show and anyone could see why these boys have garnered such a large following both domestically and abroad – the group boasts sparkling visuals, some impressive vocal chops, as well as so much energy onstage that sparks seemed to fly every time they went through the motions of a dance routine. There’s always something special about the first time your favourite band comes to town, and the boys definitely made sure they got well- acquainted with the local fans Down Under.

Slip into the diamond life

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The concert kicked off with a couple of fan-favourites – ‘Shining Diamond’, followed by ‘Rock’. In many ways, ‘Shining Diamond’ was the perfect introduction as SEVENTEEN stayed true to the lyrics and awed the crowd with their ‘amazing combination’! The boys were resplendent in black and red outfits as they smoothly transitioned into the first introductory ment. Members Vernon and Joshua endeared themselves to the crowd by speaking in fluent English, while DK and Seungkwan quickly showed their crowd-pleasing qualities with hilarious banter.


Question & Answer

A large part of the event was dedicated to game and quiz segments, during which the audience got to learn more about the band and watched their favourite members interact with each other. The boys were presented with a large variety of challenges on post-it notes and each member took turns to pick one and carry out the mission.

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Ranging from arm-wrestling to tongue twisters, the crowd was thoroughly entertained by SEVENTEEN’s overflowing variety sense and antics onstage. Leader S. Coups showed his strength in the arm-wrestle challenge, The8 won a leg-wrestling competition, Mingyu drew laughs with his aegyo and Wonwoo came out on top in a broad-jump mission! The Performance Unit (Hoshi, Dino, Jun and The8) displayed their teamwork and was crowned champions of the charades game.


This is a ‘Popular Song’


In addition to title tracks ‘Adore U’, ‘Mansae’, ‘Pretty U’, and ‘Very Nice’, SEVENTEEN changed it up by including some of their lesser-known B-side tracks in the setlist. Fans reacted in surprise and cheered loudly when the first strains of ‘Popular Song’ blared out from the speakers, followed by other songs such as ‘Drift Away’, ‘Q&A’ and ‘Still Lonely’. Unlike many other groups who have multiple filler tracks in their albums, SEVENTEEN have consistently put out quality songs in their best-selling EPs that fans had the pleasure of hearing live in Melbourne.


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Many of the performances showcased intricate choreography that SEVENTEEN pulled off with practiced ease. The group displayed near-perfect synchonisation and the fans brought the house down as they showed their appreciation after the end of each song. Nearing the end of the night, the boys gave thanks to the crowd in a touching ending ment. The members showed their appreciation for the local CARATs and promised that they would return to Australia for another event in the future. Finally, the fanmeet concluded with encore songs ‘Healing’ and ‘Love Letter’. SEVENTEEN returned on stage in simple nautical-themed outfits and gave their final greetings amidst a shower of confetti – a picture-perfect end to an amazing night.


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Head over to our Facebook page to view the full gallery of photographs from the event. We would like to express our utmost gratitude to our esteemed media partner Three Angles Group. 🙂



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