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“[MALAYSIA] Taeyang Delights With ‘White Night’ In Kuala Lumpur”

On a balmy Sunday evening at Stadium Negara, Taeyang returned to Kuala Lumpur to showcase songs from his new album “White Night”, his third solo album launched in August of this year. He opened with the rousing ‘Ringa Linga’ from his second album “Rise” and the crowd came alive and ready to dance with him and the dancers onstage! He stopped to say hello and asked the crowd if they were ready, to which they responded with a resounding yes! After that, it was straight into ‘Body’ from the same album, followed by ‘Superstar’ from his first album “Solar”.


He left the stage, only to emerge lying down and resplendent in white, singing ‘Wake Me Up’ from his latest album “White Night”. Like the rest of the album, the song was atmospheric, melodic and showcased his unmistakable vocals perfectly. It was a neat introduction to a few more of his romantic songs, and he followed with ‘Only Look At Me’ and the bittersweet hit ‘Wedding Dress’.


Taeyang paused to chat with the audience in English with an easy rapport, asking some of them, “What did you think of my album?” He seemed to answer for them with his next song, ‘Amazin’, a song about being free from a toxic love. In stark contrast, his next song ‘1am’ was about falling into despair after a break-up. Both songs were captivating, intoxicating, a bit like their own subject matter, and had the audience waving and dancing in response. After a short break featuring live musicians playing a musical interlude, he returned in a white feather outfit to sing ‘Naked’, followed by ‘I Need A Girl’, setting a new and seductive tone for the night.


He followed up with the acoustic, pretty and plaintive ‘Empty Road’ from the new album. It was like taking a breath before he launched into the sexy ‘Ride’, which he danced with a female counterpart. From the choreography, to the RnB vibe, to his vocals, you couldn’t help but draw comparisons with Michael Jackson. Taeyang then talked about how grateful he is being part of Big Bang, and that VIPs have been there with them from the start – and thanked them for their support all this time.


He then launched into ‘Tonight’ from “White Night”, an atmospheric, almost anthemic song of seduction and promises, followed by ‘Love You To Death’. Then, Taeyang took to the keyboards and provided his own accompaniment for ‘Last Dance’ – giving the song a poignant feeling as it is one of Big Bang’s latest hits. He rounded up his set by introducing his latest, and last song of the night, ‘Darling’ – but cheekily suggested that it being the last song depended on how they responded to it!


The stripped-down presentation reminded the audience that they had come to the concert not only to see Taeyang, but to hear his clear, strong, emotional vocals, singing “It’s Only You For Me”, in this song about being helplessly in love. After that, he said his goodbyes, and the audience waved back, pretending like he wasn’t going to come back with an encore. He left the stage amidst cheers that didn’t stop until he came back with his dance crew for the bouncy ‘Break Down’, followed by the classic, ‘I am A Good Boy’. After that he closed with ‘Stay With Me’ – but then they wouldn’t let him leave the stage!


What else to do but to dive right into a Big Bang medley with ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and ‘Fantastic Baby’! During these songs he turned back into the pop idol who threw out finger hearts and sang to individuals in the audience, trying on the flower crowns and hats they threw onstage. It was fun and exciting and also a little nostalgic as the other members’ voices could be heard singing and rapping their parts on the track.


Finally, the night came to an end when he sang the beautiful ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’, a song destined to become synonymous with Taeyang, and one that the audience sang along to with deep fervour. An energetic, romantic, seductive and sentimental musical experience – much like the man himself! Thank you to IME Production for the opportunity to partake in the experience! Looking forward to their next venture in 2018. 🙂


Written by: Christina O.
Photo Credit: IME Production



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