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“[MALAYSIA] Hwang Chi Yeul Delights In Mid Autumn Festival at Cheras Leisure Mall”

In conjunction with the Mid-Autumn (Mooncake) Festival, Cheras Leisure Mall held a celebration titled ‘Rock The Moon Concert’ on October 7, closing off the street to accommodate an eager audience! The atmosphere was full of excitement, with the highlight of the show featuring South Korea’s hot trend soloist Hwang Chi Yeul.


After a fateful appearance on ‘I Can See Your Voice’ in 2015 where he showcased his vocal power, Hwang Chi Yeul’s popularity rose like a shooting star, gaining him appearances on shows such as  ‘Immortal Songs 2’, ‘I Live Alone’, ‘Knowing Brothers’ and ‘Happy Together’. However even before all those appearances, he was already a long-running player in the industry having debuted in 2007, had two albums under his belt, and acted as a vocal coach to K-pop groups as INFINITE, Lovelyz and After School among many others. Since then, he has been active in the music and television scene, recently landing himself a spot as a mentor on the panel of the latest idol group rebooting project, ‘The Unit’. Others include Rain, HyunA, Taemin, San E and Jo Hyun Ah of Urban Zakapa.


The night began with some great performances from Cheras Leisure Mall’s talented dance crew, CLM All Stars and local rising stars Jie Ying Tha, Uriah See, Crystal Lee, Thomas Jack and Jeryl Lee. They performed flawlessly, rousing up the crowd with some audience interaction in anticipation of Chi Yeul’s appearance.


A cheer went up when the crowd noticed him getting ready backstage, and when he finally came on, it was to present a surprising rendition of BIG BANG’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’ – in big band style! Jazzy, swaggy and swingy, he and his dance crew put a fantastic twist to the song, making it his own without compromising the original quality. Chi Yeul had originally performed this version on ‘I Am A Singer 4’ in March earlier this year, competing against other Chinese singers while emerging third in the overall competition.


After the song, he chatted amiably in Chinese, stuttering every now and then but ultimately charming the audience with his playful manner. Then, it was on to a beautiful track he had performed before, titled ‘Silence’ as part of ‘You Are My Sunshine’ OST (Chinese movie). It was definitely a great performance as he moved the crowd with his warm, emotional delivery.


‘A Daily Song’ soon followed and after a little interaction with the audience, Chi Yeul announced he would do his last song, and reacted to disappointed audience noises with a flash of aegyo. Yes, it was cute. 😀


His last song was ‘Honey’ by Park Jin Young, another number he had performed at ‘I Am A Singer 4’, which was a homage to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The performance earned him his second win on the show, and it certainly was a hit with the crowd. Not only did it showcase the power and control of his vocals, but it showed he was a mover – with a body!


It was definitely a crowd pleaser, and ended the night perfectly. Hwang Chi Yeul has it all; delivering great performances filled with beautiful voice, charisma and a little bit of sex appeal. Thank you Cheras Leisure Mall team for the generous media invitation! 🙂


Photo Credit: M.A.
Written By: Christina O



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