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“[MALAYSIA] Ha Jin Won Wows the Crowd at John Woo’s ManHunt Meet and Greet”

Wednesday night saw avid fans and onlookers at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur crowding the Grand Staircase as actress Ha Ji Won walked gracefully down the red carpeted stairs amidst cheers and waves from the audience.


She was here to conduct the Meet and Greet with Hong Kong Director John Woo, to promote their new movie ‘ManHunt’, starring Zhang Hanyu and Masaharu Fukuyama. Ha Ji Won plays an assassin for hire, and with the grace and poise of an athlete, came onstage to a warm welcome after Director John Woo had already descended on the long walk from the top of the Grand Staircase.


Her second time in Malaysia, she received a rousing cheer from her fans, who had arrived with signboards and had prepared a special greeting for her. Ten lucky fans posed with her for photographs before the Meet and Greet started, and before we knew it, the interview was underway.


She then greeted the crowd in Chinese, after sharing her experiences on set where at least four different languages were being spoken at a time and yet, it worked! She also answered a question about working with such an illustrious director – and whether she had ever asked to re-take a scene. She answered frankly that with full discussion they would sometimes agree to do so, both in agreement.


When asked what he thought of her acting, John Woo confessed that he had thought she was a stunt actress, and was surprised to find she had real acting chops, handling scenes with emotional depth as well.


Before we knew it, the Meet and Greet was coming to an end, and despite the fact that she was asked to show an assassin’s killer pose twice, her cute side kept coming through and she did it sweetly and cutely!

ManHunt, an action thriller, will open in cinemas on 23rd November 2017. We would like to thank Jazzy Group for inviting us to the event! 🙂 For more HQ photos of Ha Ji Won, check it out at our Facebook page.


Photo Credit: M.A
Written by: Christina O



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