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“[MALAYSIA] BTS fires ‘THE RED BULLET’ in Kuala Lumpur”

5-6 June 2015 – 7-member hip-hop boy group BTS (Bangtan Boys), comprised of Rap Monster, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, kicked off the 2nd half of their ‘Episode II: The Red Bullet’ tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! With BTS celebrating their 2nd anniversary as well, fans were treated to a host of special fan events and exciting performances from a whole new setlist.


The fan event started on a high note as the boys’ latest title track ‘I NEED U’ blared from the speakers and the excited fans screamed to show their support. Member V made certain the crowd knew who he was, by shouting ‘My name is?’ twice and having the audience chorus ‘V!’ in answer. After a round of introductions, fans queued to personally receive signed photocards from the band. BTS also celebrated their 2nd anniversary with the fans, blowing out candles on a cake and leading the fans in rendition of the ‘Happy Birthday’ song! Happy 2nd anniversary to BTS! 


The boys also took some time after the event to sit down and answer questions from the media. Upon entering the venue, V and J-Hope showed off some language skills by greeting ‘Apa khabar?’ Suga thanked the fans for giving the band a warm welcome and had only good words for their photoshoot experience in Sabah. Member J-hope explained that the concert series was titled ‘The Red Bullet’ as BTS would like to embody a red bullet and overcome obstacle and prejudice in the world, while leader Rap Monster stated that it symbolizes their passion for music.

While discussing their new album, Rap Monster waxed poetic and said that the new album expresses not only the bright and beautiful side of youth, but also depicts the dark and dangerous side of youth. The members felt that Suga fit the concept of the album best.

After clinching 1st place on a music show, the boys hope to be able to perform in larger venues and meet with more of their fans. When asked which member improved the most since debut, Jimin, Jungkook and J-Hope were names that were thrown up together with generous use of the Malay word ‘Bagus’! It was certainly an entertaining media session with the boys.


The concert was held on the following day and it was truly a night to remember, as the boys brought their ‘A’ game to Mega Star Arena and brought the house down with their explosive performances. Showcasing the neat and complex choreography that shot them to fame, as well as vocal chops belting out lyrics, mostly self-written and composed, fans had a ball of a time singing along and swaying their light sticks to the beat. The boys teased the fans by taking their jackets off at intervals during the show, and even taught the crowd a few lines from ‘Miss Right’ to sing together! Songs from the new album were performed and the boys closed the show by expressing their love and thanking the fans profusely for getting behind them.

We would like to extend a big Thank You to IME Productions for organizing this event and for extending invites to The Seoul Story to cover this event 🙂 Photos from the press conference can be viewed here!


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