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“[MALAYSIA] A Dream Come True For CARATs At SEVENTEEN’s Diamond Edge in Kuala Lumpur”

On 9th September 2017, South Korean boy group, SEVENTEEN successfully held their world tour concert, ‘Diamond Edge’ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The concert took place at Stadium Negara attracting thousands of fans who had waited anxiously just to be part of the long awaited show. Made up of 13 members, SEVENTEEN who made their debut under Pledis Entertainment, consists of three sub-units each with different area of specialisation: Hip-hop Unit, Vocal Unit and Performance Unit.


Best of the best hits
They kicked started the show with ‘Pretty U’, donning colorful suits with great excitement. They surely brought back memories by performing all title tracks on stage to the delight of fans. The boys did not forget to praise CARATs for being ‘Beautiful’ and indirectly making a confession by singing ‘Adore U’. The boys continued rocking on stage with ‘Still Lonely’ with an amazing up-beat choreography. ‘Very Nice’ was then being performed along to tremendous chants from the amazing crowd.


Powerful Skills
With the group being divided into units, they were able to show their specialisations with more powerful performances. Starting off with the Vocal Unit (Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK & Seungkwan), they decided to let the crowd drown in emotions with ‘We Gonna Make it Shine’ and “Don’t Listen Secretly”.

The Hip-hop Unit (S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon) then took over the stage with their charismatic performances. Trying to get the crowd hyped up after a ballad performance by the vocalists, the crowd were surely liven up with ‘언행일치’. They then ‘Check In’ with a cooler stage and an even more packed rapping from the members.

Delighted to see Malaysian CARATs immersed in their stages, the Performance Unit (Hoshi, Jun, THE8 and Dino), surely did not fail to keep up the mood for the night. The purity of the stage could be seen by their white-themed outfits for ‘OMG’ and ‘Highlight’. As expected from them, energetic dance moves they showed left the fans in awe. Not ending it by just that, Jun and THE8 had a special dance collaboration stage by dancing off to ‘MY I’ later in the night.


Bonding with the fans
Being their first time in Malaysia, SEVENTEEN surely showed their excitement to be here as one with the crowd. Showing their gratitude throughout the night by thanking CARATs for welcoming them, the boys managed to take time to learn a few local phrases. Basic phrases like ‘Aku Cinta Kamu’ (I Love You) and ‘Terima Kasih’ (Thank You) might be cliché, but member DK actually made a tremendous effort by saying ‘Tuan-Tuan dan Puan-Puan’ (Ladies, and Gentlemen) which touched the hearts of fans. It was definitely an endearing moment of the night!

Trying to get even closer to CARATs, Vernon and Hoshi came up on stage with cameras in hand, telling the fans that the precious night would be broadcasted as part of ‘GOING SEVENTEEN’. Saying they heard the fans singing to their songs back stage prior to the show, they came up with a game to play with CARATs. It was none other than the high-pitch game. Vernon and Hoshi both tried their best to compete with CARATs only ending it with Hoshi admitting defeat and did a random silly dance which brought laughter to the fans.


We’ll be coming back!
With wonderful stages, the boys hinted that the next song would be their last for the night. Seeing CARATs being sad and gloomy to bid farewell, they cheered them up up by singing “Don’t Wanna Cry”. A VCR of the members taking turns thanking CARATs for all the love and support was indeed touching for those present. The boys then soon continued with an encore stage as fans chanted for more time with the boys! Not wanting to leave their ‘Shining Diamond’ fans disappointed, the boys came back on stage with ‘Healing’. Being all hyped up till the very end, the boys shared their goodbye speeches and precious thoughts for the night with their lovely fans. They also addressed that they would certainly come again should there be an opportunity in the future. Member Hoshi was close to tears as he felt immensely touched from all the love and support from fans in Malaysia.


Although reluctant, a beautiful night spent with SEVENTEEN had to come to an end. Bidding farewell with “We’ll come back!” had CARATs smiling as they look forward to the next show with the boys. We would like to thank IME Productions for inviting us to the show! 🙂


Photo Credit: IME Productions
Written by: M.A




  • AIZA FARISHA BINTI ROSLI on September 14, 2017

    personally as a carats I’m so proud with this article, thanks for joining us The Seoul Story, I hope SG carats will get the same thing from our boys soon 🙂


    • tss on September 15, 2017

      Thank you for taking time to leave your thoughts regarding this article, we really appreciate it! We are looking forward to their Singapore show 🙂


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