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“[KOREA] Greenplugged Seoul 2017: A Spring Music Festival by the Han River”

The Seoul Story had the honor of experiencing one of the hottest (literally) spring music festival held by the scenic Han River at the Nanji Hangang Park. With this year being it’s 7th year running, Greenplugged Seoul 2017 did not disappoint with its seven different stages (Sun, Earth, Wind, Busking, Moon, Sky and Picnic) and talented line up of artists that graced the stage.

Held on the 20th and 21st of May, we were given the opportunity to interview and check out up and coming artists from Universal Music Korea’s new label, On The Record, as well as Universal Music artist DEAN at the event.

Kicking off the performances at the ‘Picnic Stage’ on the first day were ‘On The Record’ artists, YOONCELL and 1415.

With her guitar in hand, the doctor-turned-singer-songwriter musician, YOONCELL, serenaded the crowd with beautiful renditions of her songs, ‘Summer night’, ‘Toto’ and ‘Hot noodles’ as well as other original songs from her album.

Talented duo, 1415, next took the stage with member JOO on vocals and OH on the guitar. With a series of both original and cover songs in their set, it’s no surprise that they managed to capture the hearts of the audience with their original songs such as ‘Lovable’ and ‘Draw The Line’ as well as their own cover rendition of ‘ILYSB’ by LANY and ‘If I Get High’ by Nothing But Thieves.


The second day of Greenplugged Seoul 2017 did not falter as well as with performances by On The Record artist, YEIN and TAEK performing on the ‘Wind Stage’.

Just like the gentle breeze blowing in from the riverside, YEIN’s mystical and gentle voice took the crowd’s breath away as she sang songs from her newly released 1st EP, ‘Rose of Sharon’, ‘Blue’ as well as a cover of Emily King’s ‘Distance’.

Up next was TAEK with his sophisticated and dreamy music filling the stage. Performing songs from his 1st and 2nd digital singles, ‘Liar’ and ‘Send Me To The Galaxy’ as well as “We’re Always Together” from his latest 1st EP, the talented artist had us hooked to his performances, leaving us excited for more of his releases in the future.

DEAN ended off the night with a bang as he performed popular numbers such as ‘bonnie & clyde’, ‘D (Half Moon)’ and fresh off his latest 3rd US single, ‘love (ft. Syd)’ to screaming fans. With solid vocals and outstanding stage presence, DEAN had the crowd up on their feet as they danced and sang together with him all throughout his set.

Greenplugged Seoul 2017 was a definite eye opener and a great platform for music lovers and artists to come together and share their love for music in a more laidback and relaxed setting where audiences of all ages could enjoy.

We would like to thank Universal Music Singapore and Universal Music Korea for giving us the opportunity to cover Greenplugged Seoul 2017 and stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the On The Record artists!

In the meantime, check out our HQ photos of the event at our Facebook Page! 🙂



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