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“[INDONESIA] Taeyang Shines Bright At The ‘White Night’ Concert”

In the midst of darkness, copious amounts of fog and mist slowly creeped onto the stage forming a tornado-like cloud in the center. From it, a man dressed in all white appeared from beneath the stage; his fist grasping his microphone up towards the sky. In that moment, everyone knew that the sun has arrived in the dark and turned it into a white night. What followed afterwards was a two-hour display of raw passion and talent; a testament to the long 11-year-career of, none other than, Taeyang.

Fifth Time’s a Charm
It is almost hard to believe that Taeyang’s ‘White Night’ concert is his 5th show in Jakarta, marking his 3rd solo act in the city, the other 2 being appearances with his fellow BIGBANG members.

He opened his 4th return to Jakarta with a, “My name is T to the A to the E to the Y to the A, N, G,” as he shooked the crowd to the upbeat tempo of “Ringa Linga”. He continued with performances of his earlier songs from sexy dance track “BODY”, to upbeat romance songs “Superstar” and “Only Look at Me” from his first album “Solar”, to the classic  “Wedding Dress”.

He gave a nod to his latest single “WAKE ME UP” from his new album; a sudden shift from all the nostalgia. Taeyang glided through the performance, where he laid down on stage; channeling sentiments of the song of him being stuck in a dream he never wants to escape. The dream seemed to continue on for the audience, as Taeyang took a break and started chatting with VIPs. “Selamat malam!” greeted Taeyang in Indonesian.

“This is my fifth time back in Jakarta, can you believe it guys?” Taeyang communicated with the crowd in flawless English, making the crowd respond with even more enthusiasm. “Did you miss me?” asked Taeyang again, to which he received an enthusiastic response from the audience; prompting him to give his famous eye-smile, followed by a witty “Thank you.”

A Ride Through The White Night
Before continuing his performance, Taeyang promised to the audience that they would hear all the songs from his new album. He then continued with “AMAZIN'”, accompanied with psychedelic visuals that complimented the dreamy aura of the song. He graced through the stage flawlessly with his slick moves, causing the audience to involuntarily dance in their seats.

One of the many things Taeyang is famous for are his effortless dance moves. He definitely showcased them throughout the night, especially during his performance of “NAKED” and “RIDE”; two songs from his latest album. His pattern of sporadic yet rhythmic, sexy shoulder and hip movements sent the crowd into a screaming frenzy.

In addition to his dance moves, Taeyang managed to balance the night by toning it down with a brief acoustic session with his guitarist. A surprise acoustic rendition of the classic serenade “I Need A Girl” was definitely a pleasant gift as Taeyang belted out his desperate call for the ideal girl. His serenade was followed by the melancholic song “EMPTY ROAD”, prompting the audience to wave their hands and singing along to his melodious voice.

Closing with a BANG and a Classic
Just when the audience thought the night may end with the possibility of Taeyang not performing any songs from BIGBANG, he presented another surprise by appearing out of the dark with a keyboard and started to sing, “Yeongweonhal jul aratdeon sarangdo jeomulgo,” the first line from “LAST DANCE”.

Taeyang’s solo performance of the song had VIPs raising their yellow crowns high and proud, hysteria filled the room to the point of shocking Taeyang and making him  “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” followed by a cheeky, “Can I do it again one more time?” which he then received a wave of endearment; giving him more confidence to continue on.

Emotions were running high and Taeyang had a brief pause to savour the moment before moving on with his performance and talked to fans once again. “To me, the biggest happiness and joy in my life is to be with BIGBANG members,” confessed Taeyang as he expressed his longing to be reunited with his group. “I miss them very much, do you miss them too?” asked Taeyang, followed by a passionate agreement by VIPs.

He then changed the dynamic of the night in an instant by turning up the tempo with performances of “GOOD BOY”, “BANG BANG BANG”, and energetic “Fantastic Baby”. After a series of adrenaline pumping performances, he paused and said, “This is it guys. This is going to be my last song. Can you guess what it is?” teasing the crowd as if VIPs could not guess the obvious. The crowd responded with an enthusiastic, “Eyes Nose Lips!” in unison, followed by the first few notes of the song played by the pianist. And just like that, Taeyang created another magical night with this fans in Jakarta!

Taeyang’s performances were truly a representation of his identity as an artist and a person. He was passionate, energetic, funny, attentive, humble, and amazing in every aspect. It was a night full of emotions and energy that will forever be embedded into the hearts of VIPs! Taeyang truly was the light that made that night all the more white. We would like to express our gratitude to IME Indonesia for granting us media coverage for the show! It was definitely a night to remember 🙂


Written by: Esta Wantah
Photo Credit: IME Indonesia



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