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“[INTERVIEW] Q & A with Producer + Cast of ‘The Painters: HERO’”


Innovative Korean art performance musical ‘The Painters: HERO’ is heading to Singapore this June and The Seoul Story had the opportunity for an email interview with producer Mr Kyu Jeong and the lively crew members of the show! Read on to find out more:


Mr Kyu Jeong, producer of The Painters: HERO

Q: How would you describe and promote ‘The Painters: HERO’ to those who are unfamiliar with the show’s premise?

A: The Painters: HERO presents a new way of enjoying art, which is showcasing the process of making art live on stage. We focus on featuring all-time favourite superheroes transcending ages and making them come alive with different art techniques as we want to help people relive their childhood dreams of becoming a hero themselves. Bring back good memories and create even better new memories with your loved ones by watching The Painters: HERO!

Q: What was the casting process to select the performers like?

A: Even though it’s an art performance, we don’t look out for actors who majored in art. We upload an official audition announcement, just like any other performance. While casting, we do suggest actors to present their drawing skills, but this isn’t the main factor for casting. The reason is that we look out for cast who have endurance and patience as they need to go through at least six months of rigorous training before they are ready to perform on stage. They need to push themselves to master painting skills such that at the end of the training, they would be able to draw even with their eyes closed. Without extraordinary passion, it is impossible to overcome all the training sessions. Therefore, our main criteria of choosing the cast is the passionate attitude for the show.

Q: Is there any special preparation routine for the crew and performers prior to each live show?

A: We use at least 100 art mediums during the show with more than 50 varieties of colour paints. Due to the vast number, handling the art mediums can be challenging. For instance, a special liquid is used for the ‘Marbling Art’ scene, and it is really sensitive to temperature. Thus, the crews and actors have to take in charge of the various art mediums and materials at all times. Interesting fact is that not only crews but also actors take up to two hours to prepare all necessary materials before each show.

Q: Out of all the shows that have been held locally and overseas, which one was the most memorable and why?

A: Our first tour outside of Korea was actually held in Singapore in 2011, when we were known as the Drawing: Show HERO. Another memorable show for us was when we performed in Hollywood for an event ‘Look East 2012’ in celebration of ‘Korean Movie Night’ with Korean movie stars. It was a great experience to be able to perform at Gruman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood.

Q: If you could describe ‘The Painters: HERO’ in just three words, what would it be?

A: Beyond your imagination.

Cast Interviews

  • Kwon Woo Ram
  • Hong Bo Ram
  • So Kwang Min
  • Kang Shin Koo

Q: Could you give us a brief outline of your daily rehearsal routine while preparing for a show?

A: We don’t have daily rehearsals as we have shows every day. ‘Drawing’ itself became our routine. However, we do have 2 hours of art medium/prop setting before each show.

Q: How do you guys keep yourselves energetic and healthy on tour for such a rigorous performance show?

A: Prior to performing on stage, all of us went through at least six months of rigorous and comprehensive training. The training taught us not only acting and drawing skills, but also skills on how to manage ourselves physically and emotionally. When we do not have scheduled shows, we use our spare time to practice more and brush up our skills to keep fit and keep up with the rhythm of the show. Most importantly, we are always supporting and taking care of each other, constantly bothering each other to eat and drink when necessary!

Q: After shows how do you wind down and come off the high of performing?

  • Kwon Woo Ram: Taking shower only leaves good vibes.
  • Hong Bo Ram: I try to keep the mood even after the performance, as it can be another inspiration.
  • So Kwang Min: I also keep the good mood so it will affect the next day performance.
  • Kang Shin Koo: I don’t try to wind down or come off the high of performing as our show itself is joyful performance and it’s good to keep joyful energy and share it back with the audience.


Q: What are some major differences between performing in Korea and overseas?

  • Kwon Woo Ram: I feel the same reaction of amazement and enjoyment from the audience. Reaction timing or sound level of laughter could be the difference, if I have to pick one.
  • Hong Bo Ram: I get more energy and support from the fans overseas.
  • So Kwang Min: Personally, as I love to travel, I’m always in good mood for overseas performance.
  • Kang Shin Koo: The audience reaction is bit different.

Q: What are some of the things you look forward to when travelling abroad for an overseas performance?

A: Learning greeting messages and trying local foods. It’ll be nice if we can look around as well, but we usually cannot enjoy the city fully due to our schedule.

Q: What are some things that the Singaporean audience can expect and look forward to from the show?

A: Audiences can expect to be wowed by the mind-blowing skills of the painters and to have tons of fun throughout the performance without a single dull moment. We have also prepared a special exclusive segment with brand new content just for our show in Singapore that audiences can look forward to. Want to know what it is? Come catch The Painters: HERO performing at Resorts World Theatre in June!

Q: Give a special shout out to your fans in Singapore!


  • Kwon Woo Ram: This is our second time visiting Singapore! I am very sad that we have only 2 days, but please don’t miss out and let’s have fun together!!
  • Hong Bo Ram: Can’t wait to see you all! I believe we can have great teamwork throughout the show!
  • So Kwang Min: Please support us for the best performance!
  • Kang Shin Koo: Will you join us? We’ll show you how to be ‘Always fun’!

The Painters: HERO will be performing at Resorts World Theatre, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore from 10-11 June 2016. For more information, please visit We would like to thank Red Spade Entertainment and Press Kit for granting us this interview opportunity 🙂




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