“[INTERVIEW] Martial Arts Comedy Sensation JUMP Returns to Singapore This October”

South Korea may be widely known for their famous K-dramas on the television screens, but did you know that they have something equally reputable on the theatrical stage as well?


Having performed worldwide in over 152 cities in more than 87 countries including a famous stint on Broadway and London, the slapstick Korean comedy act, JUMP will be back in Singapore with their 30,000th show this coming October!


The show is set in an average Korean home centered on a typical but dramatically agile Korean family with each member being a martial arts expert, possessing championship level of Taekwondo, Taekkyeon and gymnastic skills. Following a burglary in the household is a battle that will ensue in what will showcase an incredible display of acrobatic and martial arts skills, with a healthy dose of slapstick humour.


The Seoul Story had the opportunity to interview the show’s Executive Producer Cara Han and Director Jun Sang Lee, to find out more about their thoughts on the show’s long-lasting success and popularity across the globe!



Q: The upcoming JUMP show marks the staggering 30,000th show. Could you describe your feelings in achieving that milestone?
I don’t believe that the jumping-in performance has already been 30,000 since 2003. It was just like yesterday that I started playing JUMP show, and I thank you for being able to perform for a long time.


Q: In your opinion, what is the one thing about the JUMP show that makes it stand apart from other shows?
JUMP cleverly balances the traditional and modern, the artistic and entertainment.


Q: Having the JUMP show performed in more than 87 countries, how did you come up with an act that constantly caters to the humour of the international audience?
Different countries differ in cultures, and audiences react differently, but the merit of the JUMP performance is that it can be laughed at and enjoyed by audiences all over the world, beyond the differences between different cultures and languages.

In particular, the audience seems to prefer this topic because it has no language barrier, and it drags off the story with slapstick comedy and martial arts.


Q: The show has been touring internationally for quite some time. Do you have bigger aspirations for the show that you would like to achieve in the future?
Our production has been preparing for a large-scale show called MA2 (Subject Underground) Martial Arts Circus since five years ago.


Q: This also marks the fourth time that the JUMP show has come to Singapore. How different would it be this time from the previous ones?
My memory is that JUMP show is coming back to Singapore in five years. Marital Arts Technology has become much more glamorous and sped up, and the actors’ performances have become more sophisticated and cool.


Q: The show revolves around comedy, martial arts and acrobatics. What inspired you to come up with the idea of combining those three factors?
JUMP performance was created to advance abroad from the beginning of the planning phase. To overcome the limitations of the language, we created a slapstick comedy that foreign audiences could understand well, and we used the martial arts and acrobatic as the material that we could do best.


Q: Describe what is in store for the audience in one sentence.
Make sure to watch JUMP, bring all your family members and friends! They will love you forever.


Q: If you could be part of the performance, whom would you play as and why?
That’s a very difficult question but if I do, I would like to do my daughter’s character because JUMP show is a scene of kissing with a son-in-law and a thief during the show.


Q: Are there upcoming similar shows in plans for now?
Yes, we have opened a new show called ‘RIVAL’. ‘RIVAL’ is an Extreme Martial Arts Show. While the performances are fun, cute and warm, RIVAL is a show focused on show performance and entertainment.


Q: If you could describe JUMP in just three words, what would it be?


Catch the jaw-dropping moves and be prepared to get your funny bone tickled as the JUMP crew will be here from  6th to 8th  October 2017! Suitable for the whole family, and a great date with friends, this non-verbal theatre comedy will be staged live for four shows only at Resorts World Singapore Theatres so be sure to get your tickets now! 🙂


Photo Credit: JUMP
Written by: Syamil




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