“Eric Nam always puts family first”


Korean-American YouTuber/Kpop star Eric Nam said that the last time he felt absolute happiness was when he saw his family in Los Angeles.

“We hadn’t been all together in probably over 2 years,” he said. “You know, family’s first, always, and being altogether and seeing everyone happy is amazing.”

As he sat down with The Seoul Story during his recent visit to Melbourne, he told the stories of his family. “My parents are the typical Asian-American immigrant story, and they worked incredibly hard – they still do, my dad’s in his late fifties and he still works from 8am-10pm everyday. They were able to provide so much for me and my brothers, and we’re all cognisant of that and very thankful.

The singer expressed thankfulness that everyone in his family was able to pursue their dreams. Apart from himself being a musician and entertainer, his brother had also gotten his dream job of being a music agent in LA while his youngest brother had just gotten into a university.

“It all happened so fast,” he expressed, “so when we saw each other we were like, everyone’s worked hard and we’re very thankful and blessed… we keep each other grounded.”



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