“[INTERVIEW] CROSS GENE opens up about desire to film CF in Singapore & reveal their goals for 2016!”

Multinational idol group CROSS GENE (SHIN, TAKUYA, CASPER, YONGSEOK, SANGMIN, and SEYOUNG) will be in town for a special meet and greet event with their local fans on 18 June! Ahead of their appearance in Singapore next week, The Seoul Story caught up with the boys for an exclusive interview to find out more about what the boys have been up to, as well as their aspirations and future goals.


Q: We can’t wait to see you boys again in Singapore! What has CROSS GENE been up to since your last visit here?

A: As CROSS GENE, we released a Korean mini-album ‘Play with Me’ and ‘GAME’. In Japan, we released the single ‘sHi-tai / Love&Peace’ and we sold a record 100,000 copies. It was ranked first in the Oricon Daily Charts and No. 2 in the weekly charts. Our fans in both Japan and Korea have always supported us, and thanks to them we managed to realise our goals one at a time.

Individually, all members have been active as well. CASPER has a starring role in a Taiwanese movie which is slated to be released this year. YONGSEOK will be in the musical ‘ALTERBOYZ’ from June this year. SANGMIN’s in a sport variety show where he gets to display his physical ability, and SEYOUNG appeared in a music video of a Taiwanese singer and also sang for a Korean drama’s OST. TAKUYA is appearing in Korean variety shows as well as a Japanese movie. SHIN who is good in Japanese has a regular radio show in Japan and also starred in the LINE drama ‘Secret Message’ with BIGBANG’s T.O.P and Japanese actress Ueno Juri. He is also filming for an upcoming drama. All the members of CROSS GENE are engaged in activities in three different countries and hope to spread their activities further!

Q: What sets ‘GAME’ apart from other albums you’ve released and which song has been your most favourite?

A: In a nutshell, it’s like a ‘Love Game’. As for our favourite song, we love every track on it! The title track, ‘Noona, You’ is a really upbeat song that will lift your spirits and ‘MR. SECRET’ is a really adult-like and sexy song. The song “I’ll be fine” is a refreshing song but with a hint of sadness as well. The album is filled with a variety of songs so we hope that fans will be able to choose what they would like to listen to according to their current mood.

Q: CROSS GENE has released various kinds of music since debut, are there any other genres you’d like to try?

A: We will be welcoming summer anytime now so we’d like to try samba, latin music, or even funk. We really want to challenge ourselves to try all types of music without being limited to any genre.

Q: CROSS GENE promotes a lot in both Korea and Japan, how do you guys keep healthy and energetic for your schedules?

A: What’s great about being active in two countries is that fans can transcend national borders and connect to one another. It’s really all thanks to our fans. We’re very touched to know that we have fans who support us so earnestly, and we want to convey our gratitude to them as soon as possible!

Q: If you could film any CF of your choice, what would it be and why?

A: A beverage commercial. We’d like to shoot one in which all the members go to a beautiful beach and drink in a cool and refreshing fashion. Is there anyone in Singapore who would want us for a commercial!?

Q: If you could introduce CROSS GENE to new fans in just three words, what would it be?


Q: If you could travel to anywhere in the world, which country would you go to and why?

A: We want to go to any country where CROSS GENE’s fans are. We can reach a lot of people through the television and internet but we can’t see our fans, so if it is possible, we’d like to meet our fans face to face and communicate directly with them.

Q: We’re already halfway through 2016! What are some goals you’ve set aside to achieve this year?

A: We want to be the No.1 group in Korea. We also want to hold a worldwide tour where we can meet with fans from all over.

Q: Last but not least, give a shout out to your Singaporean fans!

A: For our fanmeeting this time, we want fans to know more about us, and we also want to get to know all of our fans. As we might not have the chance to come to Singapore frequently, this fanmeeting is really important to us! We’re going to enjoy ourselves to the max, so let’s all have fun together!

Do not miss out CROSS GENE LIVE, June 18th at MILLIAN SINGAPORE for a special meet and greet event. We would like to thank Amuse Entertainment Singapore for granting us this interview opportunity 🙂



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