“[INTERVIEW] Cast of Korean drama ‘Entourage’ Speaks With The Seoul Story”

Fans of Korean drama were more than excited when it was announced Cho Jin Woong, Seo Kang Jun, Lee Kwang Soo, Park Jung Min and Lee Dong Hwi will act together in ‘Entourage’!

Following the wrap-up of the drama, the cast members of ‘Entourage’ got together for a special interview with The Seoul Story. Check out what they have to say about ‘Entourage’!


Q: As a start, tell us a bit more about the drama ‘Entourage’.
Seo Kang Jun:
‘Entourage’ is a work that naturally captured the state of the entertainment industry. There were various characters such as top stars and managers. Among them, the human elements of a person were separated from the professional ones.

Park Jung Min: The drama ‘Entourage’ is a drama that tells a story of a person as an entertainer and the story of an entertainer as a person.


Q: ‘Entourage’ is a remake drama from the American version. What were some of the differences between both versions?
Seo Kang Jun:
It was a remake in Korean emotion. I know there were a lot of strong drugs and sexual words in the original, but that part was not stronger than the original. Instead, many friendships and bromances were seen.

Lee Dong Hwi: As the culture and emotion of each country are different, We changed it instead to Korean style humor and jokes while filming.

Park Jung Min: There is a difference between the management system in the US and Korea. In such a case, the relationship between Ari Gold and Eric Murphy and the relationship between Eun Gwab and Ho Jin are quite different.


Q: How did the director and cast of Entourage find a balance to keep parts of the original drama and to incorporate the Korean aspect of it?
Seo Kang Jun:
The director and the casts talked a lot at the filming sites. It seemed that we had a lot of conversations so that we could do better in expressing the given situation, such as dialogue or action.

Park Jung Min: I know that there were many considerations because the emotional parts of America and Korea are very different. In that case, I fully trusted and followed the director when filming.

Q: What attracted the cast members to be part of the drama?
Park Jung Min:
I wanted to participate because I was a fan of the original work and also I always wanted to work with Jo Jin Woong, Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Dong Hwi, and Kang Jun.

Q: Were there any similar traits of your character in the drama to your real self?
Seo Kang Jun:
I seemed to have had a lot of similarities when I was with my friends. Actually, it’s easier and more comfortable for me to match with my friends’ opinion and mood. It seems that Youngbin has a lot of such features that is similar.

Lee Dong Hwi: It’s not as good as a Geo Book, but it’s still positive.

Park Jung Min: I think that the appearance of Ho Jin with many troubles and many thoughts resembled me.


Q: Was it challenging to film for a comedy drama such as ‘Entourage’?
Seo Kang Jun:
Even though it was a new genre that I had not experienced before, I faced many difficulties but I think it was a good experience to be able to take on the challenge. I was able to finish the filming with the help of the seniors, actors, and staffs who filming together.

 Lee Dong Hwi: Comedy is surely difficult…

Park Jung Min: It’s not like that. Because all the actors who worked together were funny and brilliant actors, I enjoyed myself during filming time.

Q: How was the setting like during filming? Did the cast members get along well fast with one another?
Seo Kang Joon:
It went well while filming together with all the seniors. Everyone had nice personalities and we also talked a lot about their work. Even after filming we are close enough to meet often.

Lee Dong Hwi: It is the best combination. They are so nice and also good people. We always happily ate together and stayed in a hotel together when we went for filming.

It was a good memory while filming for 3~4 months.

Park Jung Min: The members were friendly and we enjoyed the time we had together; it made us want to see each other every day.


Q: This is a fun question. Kindly pick one person who fits these sentences:

  • Member who is the most fun on set?
    Seo Kang Jun: Lee Dong Hwi. He was a mood maker at the filming site and we became close. Like Geo Book he is so cute and funny..
    Lee Dong Hwi: It’s embarrassing but that’s me!
    Park Jung Min: All of them are interesting and funny actors. I cannot pick.
  • Member who is unexpectedly the funniest?
    Seo Kang Jun: Jo Jin Woong! He was so funny. Among the younger ones he made us feel relaxed while filming so that we could work harder when filming ’Entourage’.
    Lee Dong Hwi: Actor Park Jeong Min. I think he is a funny, humorous, and energetic actor.
    Park Jung Min: Seo Kang Jun. Because he is the youngest, he doesn’t hesitate to say anything lovely or funny to his brothers.
  • Member who had the most NGs?
    Seo Kang Jun: Jo Jin Woong. He did so many NGs. Sometimes there were 5 pages or more scenes which he needed to do alone.
    Lee Dong Hwi: It’s embarrassing, but it’s me.. I remember when filming and had so many NGs because I couldn’t control my laughter.
    Park Jung Min: Jo Jin Woong. We can’t help it, there were a lot of NGs because there were too many dialogues and it was so long. But I could not help but admire the way he deliovered his dialogue perfectly.
  • Member you wish to have as a best friend?
    Seo Kang Jun: Park Jeong Min. I thought that I wanted to be a long-time friend and colleague because I had the most work together with him while filming.
    Lee Dong Hwi: I want to be close with everyone, but if I have to pick one person, Lee Kwang Soo. As a friend of the same age, I have a lot of scenes together with him in the film and I was really happy while filming. Lee Kwang Soo is great person and a great actor.
    Park Jung Min: I always want to be close with everyone.

Q: Last but not least, please say a few words to fans of ‘Entourage’!
Seo Kang Jun:
I would like to express my gratitude to all the fans who are watching ‘Entourage’. There were a lot of difficult points during filming, but in order to show a good result, both the actors and the staffs on the scene worked hard to film! I will make my best efforts to show better performances and works in the future so that I can return the love of ‘Entourage’ fans! ^^ Happy New Year ~

Lee Dong Hwi: First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to our fans in Korea, to overseas fans who are caring and loving towards the ‘Entourage’ casts, and would like to meet you guys if I have a chance. Always stay healthy and I will look forward to see you guys again. I love you.

Park Jung Min: I hope you have fun while watching it. I hope people who watch it will have fun as much as we had fun while filming.



We would like to thank the ‘Entourage’ cast members for taking part in this interview! 🙂
Meanwhile, the full series of ‘Entourage’ is available on and Viu mobile app with full English subtitles for free!

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