“[INTERVIEW] A Closer Look Into Korean YouTube Superstar GoToe!”

Korean Youtube sensation Go Toe Kyung also better known as GoToe has been taking the online world by storm with his wacky mash-up cover videos. Since then, he has gained massive popularity not only in Korea but among international K-pop fans as well! We got in touch with GoToe to know more about his journey as a famous online personality and to find out his next move for his YouTube channel. Check out the interview below!


Q: Firstly, thank you for allowing The Seoul Story to carry out this interview! As a start, can you introduce a bit about yourself?
I’m a YouTuber who makes videos about K-pop music, and also a pharmacist. I’m 26 now and living in Korea. Nice to meet you, everyone! 🙂


Q: People might know you as GoToe online, but many are interested to know what do you do besides creating videos?
I dedicate most of my time during the day to making videos and thinking what to publish next and also watch many other K-pop related videos on YouTube. I don’t like alcohol and other outdoor activities, so I’m always in my house watching YouTube and other Korean entertainment shows like ‘Knowing Brothers’, ‘Running Man’, ‘Infinite Challenge’ and many more. And my only other hobby is travelling to other countries especially when I need to relax.


Q: What inspired you to start doing K-pop dance covers and editing them in such a funny/unique way?
Firstly, I want to spread K-pop to other countries. As a Korean, I think it’s a nice feeling to be able to contribute and inform everyone about the Korean culture. Secondly, I really love listening to K-pop so I needed a way to express my passion towards this music genre.


Q: What was your main goal when you first started GoToe?
I didn’t have a specific goal back then because it’s just my hobby and a way for me to release stress. But now, my first goal is to specifically dance on stage; not just in my house, with music from my own videos or just simply doing cover dances. After accomplishing this goal, I’ll think about the next one.


Q: Can you explain the process of producing one video?
What goes on from the start till end product?
A: It’s a very simple process. First step is planning. I think about which concept I’ll use and then I’ll edit music with that concept in mind. Next comes the filming and editing.

ii) How long does it take to produce a single video? (Filming, editing etc.)
It depends on the length of the video but filming normally takes about 3 – 5 hours. It takes a similar amount of time to edit a video as well. It takes a long time to create a concept and to edit the music to be used because I need to use my brain power.


Q: Where do you get ideas on what videos to produce next?
I’m always thinking about what to record next. I get ideas from watching a lot of YouTube videos about K-pop music and sometimes, from some of my subscribers who leave suggestions in the comments section for the next video. So I refer to such comments sometimes.


Q: What are some challenges you face for GoToe?
My first challenge is getting 1 million subscribers (soon!) on YouTube. Also, every YouTuber is always facing challenges with regards to new content. Thinking about what to publish in the future is always a challenge to me.


Q: Out of all the videos you have produced, which one is your favourite and why?
I’ve made more than 300 videos now so it’s impossible to choose only one video among them. But most of my videos are recorded in my house. So, one of my latest videos, the ‘K-pop random play dance with GoToe in KCON17LA’, a video recorded outside of my house with other K-pop fans, is precious to me!


Q: How has life changed since you started GoToe?
The biggest change is that now, I have a new ‘job’ as a YouTuber. However, even until now, I don’t really think of it as a ‘job’ since making videos is one of my hobbies. As I’ve mentioned, I spend most of my time creating videos and it makes me happy. GoToe has made my life very happy and worthwhile.


Q: How did your family and friends react towards your videos?
At first, some of my colleagues and friends in school didn’t understand it. They thought the videos were shameful but I didn’t care about it at all. Fortunately, nowadays most of my friends enjoy them. My parents were like that too the first time they watched the videos. Even now, I’m not sure if they really, really like it but they always cheer me up no matter what.


Q: What do you think K-pop fans look out for in terms of content these days?
I think the most popular K-pop content these days are cover dances. Once a new song is released, tons of cover dance videos will be uploaded onto YouTube. But I think there’s only so much a cover dance can show since most of the videos are about the same dances. I think we need something different to survive in that area. Not only cover dance, something more than that.


Q: Who are some of your favorite idol groups?
Basically, I really love a lot of K-pop groups but if I have to choose, BTS and EXO are my favourite boy groups. As for girl groups, I like SM Entertainment’s Red Velvet, JYP Entertainment’s TWICE & YG Entertainment’s BLACKPINK!


Q: Now that you are considered as a popular online figure, what is next for GoToe?
I have many things I want to do next. Executing a dance performance on stage is one of those things. I’m also interested in making mashup music. If I get the chance to learn it, I would want to have higher quality music in my future videos! I also want to collaborate with a real K-pop idol later. Those are my next steps, maybe!


Q: You are also very popular among international K-pop fans! How do you feel about this?
Before making videos, I didn’t know that there are K-pop fans all over the world. I saw lots of news about the popularity of K-pop internationally but I had my doubts regarding the media coverage. However, after making videos and participating in K-pop events in other countries, I completely believe it now and am really thankful to them as a Korean. Thank you for loving K-pop!


Q: Where do you see GoToe in three years from now?
Of course I’ll still be on YouTube and other SNS platforms. Other than that, I’m not too sure because I’m not really interested in being a television star. SNS and YouTube are enough for me, and I think the reach is much bigger than television audience.


Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring YouTube stars?
Although the current Youtube market in Korea is pretty small, it’s quite happening! I believe that it’ll be the same for other countries too. So if you’re interested in making videos, just start it off as a hobby first!


Q: Last but not least, give a shout out to your fans reading this!
I’ve always wanted to say “Thank you for watching” to all my subscribers. I’ll always do my best as I’ve done so far. Also as a Korean, thank you for loving Korean culture including K-pop and other things related to Korea. I hope to see all of you somewhere later, if possible! 🙂



We would like extend our greatest gratitude towards GoToe for the special interview and we hope to see more of you soon! 😀 Be sure to get in touch with GoToe via his official social media sites:

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Photo Credit: GoToe
Written by: Aqilah & Hana



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