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“[INDONESIA] ‘White Day with Kim Woo Bin’ Press Conference”

The model turned actor Kim Woo Bin who just arrived in Indonesia to hold his first ever fan meeting, greets the local media warmly with a smile for a press conference held on the same day before the fan meeting that night.

Despite the long flight from Korea, he assured that he is ready for the Q&A session. The first question that evening was whether he prefer to be a model, which is his debut career, or an actor like he is today? The star then replied that as he spent more time as an actor these days, he prefer to be an actor than a model, and expressed that to be an actor has been his dream. He also mentioned that his best friends, Lee Soohyuk and Kim Young Kwang helped him on how to be a better actor.


Having acted in several dramas and movies, he shared that doing research on his upcoming role before starting a new title project is one of his way to receive the praise for each of his roles. Meanwhile he conveyed that apparently he is waiting for his latest movie ‘Twenty’ which he played together with 2PM’s Junho and Kang Haneul to be out in the cinema, while also deciding on which project he should take.

As for fashion, the actor reveals his liking over various types of fashion, however being comfortable of what he is wearing is his priority.

At last, Kim Woobin assert his happiness to be in Indonesia for the first time and was touched by the fans heartwarming welcome for him. He also promised to make it all for the fans who will attend the fan meeting and spend an unforgettable White Day with him.


The Seoul Story would like to thank Enstar Entertainment for the opportunity to cover this event.

Written by: Kerin

Photos by: Jessica


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