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“[INDONESIA] Top 6 Unforgettable Moments from Lee Dong Wook’s ‘For My Dear’ Fan-meeting”

Lee Dong Wook has once again successfully captured the hearts of many under his spell with not only his good looks but gentleman-ly personality as well! With his endearing charms and constant attentiveness to his fans throughout his ‘For My Dear’ fanmeeting, he left the crowd with an unforgettable impression of just how much he truly cares for his dear fans. There were so many touching moments that pierced through our hearts, but here are the top 6 most unforgettable ones from Lee Dong Wook’s ‘For My Dear’ fan-meeting on 20th of May, 2017 at The Kasablanka Hall:


  1. Lee Dong Wook’s Heartwarming Manners

Lee Dong Wook showed just how much of a gentleman he truly is. A handful of lucky fans were hauled onto the stage periodically throughout the fan-meeting to get an even more intimate time with Lee Dong Wook. We noticed that the actor would always bow, offer his hand, and would say and ask “Nice to meet you”, “How are you?” “What is your name?” to every single fan that came onto the stage. He would end the interaction with a big bear hug that lasted for at least 5 seconds per fan (yes we counted). Even before the show officially started, he walked across the stage and bowed in 5 different places and did the same thing when the show ended. Definitely manners maketh man worthy!


  1. Reenacting Scenes from the Past with Fans

During the first segment of Lee Dong Wook’s fan-meeting ‘My Moments’, he recalled all his favourite scenes from his past works. Scenes from ‘Goblin’ to ‘Blade Man’ to ‘Wild Romance’ and ‘Scent of a Woman’ were displayed on screen and five lucky fans were brought onto the stage to reenact them with Dong Wook himself.

A personal favourite reenactment from us was when a fan reenactingthe scene from ‘Goblin’ where Dong Wook and Gong Yoo were walking down a tunnel, effortlessly yet hilariously carrying groceries filled with spring onions. The crew gave the two real spring onions as props and Dong Wook even gave them to the fan as an extra gift; along with a big bear hug (that lasted for at least 5 seconds, yes we were still counting) and a polaroid with the man himself!


  1. Lee Dong Wook the Wish-Fulfilling Genie

As part of the second segment titled ‘My Fans’, Dong Wook took on the role of a wish-fulfilling genie and read many messages and requests from fans. From singing happy birthday up close and personal to a fan; to writing a motivational letter for a fan who needed Dong Wook’s reassurance; to taking selfies with every single fan who came on stage, the actor gave it all.

A particularly, unforgettable moment would be when an ahjumma fan, who claimed to be 45 years old and has been a fan of Dong Wook for over 10 years, was brought onstage and reenacted a scene from Dong Wook’s breakout drama ‘My Girl’. That moment sent the whole room to a collective pandemonium and cheered on for the loyal ahjumma fan who finally got the chance to see and meet Dong Wook up close and personal after more than 10 years of adoring him from her tv screen.


  1. “For My Dear” Award for Best Parody goes to….

The last segment of the fan meeting was for Dong Wook to pick a winner out of the top 4 parodies made by fans. He eventually picked the fourth candidate who put great effort in making a video entitled ‘Goblin: Expectations vs Reality’. The video made the entire hall laugh in unison—Dong Wook included—as the woman played all the roles in Goblin by herself with exaggerated gestures, makeup, and costumes that were just plain hilarious. As a prize, Dong Wook invited the fan onstage to have a one-on-one romantic tea session with the grim reaper himself. It’s safe to say that the lucky fan bought a one-way ticket to heaven!



  1. The Grim Reaper Who Sang like an Angel

Lee Dong Wook ended the fan meeting by giving fans a little taste of his melodic voice by belting out a heart-melting ballad that had the entire room under his spell. Though Dong Wook explained in the beginning that he has always been an actor and will always be one—for music and dance was never his forte—we concluded that such statement is an understatement of how talented he truly is. Who knew that a grim reaper had a voice like an angel?


  1. The Cherry on Top: Hi Touch for EVERYONE

The word ‘generous’ does not even begin to describe how Dong Wook is with his fans; for even after bringing at least 15 fans onstage to interact with him throughout the fan meeting, he gave every single fan present a chance to get a high-five up close once the show ended. As we made our way out of the venue in a single-file line and through the exit doors, Dong Wook was already standing by right next to it—more than ready to give each fan a high-five of goodbye along with a last chance to look at this dashing looks from less than 1 feet away.

The whole experience that Lee Dong Wook prepared for his fans throughout the fan-meeting, truly lived up to its name ‘For My Dear’. We are confident enough to say that every single fan definitely felt his genuine love and appreciation and left the room with a content heart and perhaps even wanting more.

Thank you Mecima Production for inviting The Seoul Story to Lee Dong Wook’s ‘For My Dear’ Fan meeting. We had a great time! 🙂

Picture Credit: Mecima Production


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