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“[INDONESIA] Thunder Charms Everyone at ‘Forever Holiday in Bali’ Movie Press Conference”

25th October 2017 – In collaboration with Jakarta Fashion Week 2018, a very familiar face greeted K-pop fans in Jakarta. It was none other than former MBLAQ member Cheondung also known as Thunder, who attended the press conference for his upcoming movie, ‘Forever Holiday in Bali’!


From the moment he stepped on the runway, Thunder was all smiles. He warmly greeted the crowd as he introduced himself and his character in the movie, Kay; a Korean singer who went to Bali to film a video clip. The singer-actor kept swooning us with his friendly gestures and funny anecdotes. One of those was his story about riding a motorbike, which he claimed as the most unforgettable moment while shooting the movie. He was quite surprised when he had to ride the motorbike for real, and had to learn how to do it since he never got the chance to do so in Korea and Philippines. But thanks to the movie, he managed to ride a motorbike for the first time ever, amidst Bali’s beautiful landscape nonetheless!


More than just the motorbike, however, Thunder shared he was in awe during the two months he spent in Bali filming. He was comfortable with his co-star and crew members, and seemed to have really felt at ease despite the slight language barrier. Because of everyone’s kindness while filming, Thunder later admitted while answering our question, was the main reason why he was so comfortable working together despite the differences. Also as someone who had experienced different cultures growing up, Thunder also said he did not experience much culture shock while working in Indonesia.


In between shooting, Thunder also worked hard to finish his new single, ‘Ringxiety’, which was released on 30th October. Prior to its release, Thunder said he was very excited for both projects and hope the releases would meet everyone’s expectation and receive much love.


Produced by Sonamu Cine House and Showbox Corp, ‘Forever Holiday in Bali’ is the first movie collaboration between Indonesia and Korea. It tells the story of Kay (played by Thunder), a Korean singer who is grieving his mother’s death. By fate, he meets Putri (played by Caitlin Halderman), an aspiring designer who had to bury her dream so she can financially support her family. Will their love overcome differences and struggles of their relationship? Be sure to check out the film once it is released in 2018! 😀


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Written by: Ewi & Erlita Putranti
Photo Credit: Jessica



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