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“[INDONESIA] The Long Awaited Meeting with EXO at Nature Republic Fansign”

Indonesian EXO-Ls must have missed EXO a lot after not seeing them for two years since 2017. Which is why, when Nature Republic Indonesia announced that they will bring three EXO members to Jakarta for a fansigning event, the EXO-Ls were elated! On a sunny Sunday, May 26th 2019, around 8000 fans gathered at Kota Kasablanka Mall parking lot to see Suho, Chen, and Kai giving their autographs to 100 lucky fans. Even though the event was outdoor and a lot of fans were fasting during the Ramadan month, it didn’t decrease their spirit and enthusiasm to welcome Suho, Chen, and Kai in Jakarta.

The trio entered the venue and greeted the audience warmly. Suho then proceeded to talk about how much he missed Indonesian EXO-Ls and thanked them for waiting for EXO. Chen added that he also felt grateful that Nature Republic invited them to this event and that they can finally meet Indonesian EXO-Ls after a long time. After a little chit-chat, they went to their seats and the fansign event started.

During the fansign, Suho noticed that many fans wore yellow hats with his name written on it. He asked cutely, “Is that for me?” . The whole venue screamed “Yes” in unison. Fans then started singing,”Happy Birthday”, to Suho who just celebrated his birthday four days before the event. He thanked them for the project and started praising EXO-Ls in English.

“EXO-Ls are….beautiful, cute, and very kind….You’re the best”, he said and the whole venue screamed again upon hearing the beautiful praises from EXO’s leader.

Each EXO member has their own trademark and Chen is known as the “Fansign Boyfriend” among the fans. It’s all thanks to the way he treats his fans during the fansign. Maintaining eye contact and giving his fullest attention. It’s no wonder that many people fell for him. Thanks to Nature Republic Indonesia, some lucky EXO-Ls got a chance to experience it personally, while some of them watched the action live via the big screen. We could hear EXO-L’s screams whenever the camera focused on Chen giving his autograph to the fans.

Kind of different from Chen, Kai, the main dancer of the group and one of the most well respected dancer in K-Pop, danced a lot during the fansign. When songs like “Love Shot” and “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo” started to play, he quietly danced by himself while waiting for the other fans to reach him. Suho also followed and sang one or two verses from the song to brighten up the mood at the venue.

Before ending the fansigning event, Suho gave a little spoiler that EXO will be returning as a full team with new album and a concert. He also promised to come back to Indonesia with the rest of the members who couldn’t come to this event. They proceeded to leave the venue and visited SM Indonesia Representative Office at f(X) Sudirman, Jakarta.

We would like to thank Nature Republic Indonesia for an opportunity to get a closer look at Suho, Chen, and Kai of EXO. Visit our Facebook Page for more high quality pictures from Suho, Chen, and Kai!

Written by: Evi Kusumaningrum
Photos by: Jessica