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“[INDONESIA] Swooned by SHINee Minho’s Flaming Charisma at Indonesian Television Awards 2017”

Indonesia’s beloved city, Jakarta was once again starstruck-ed by the presence of flaming charisma, SHINee Minho! The member of one of the most popular Korean idol groups made a special appearance for ‘Indonesian Television Awards 2017’ which was held at RCTI MNC Studios on September 20, 2017. After last year’s success of bringing Descendants of the Sun’ Jin Goo during the very first Indonesian Television Awards, it was Minho’s turn to grace the event this year!


Indonesia’s local scene has seen an onslaught of  dramas over the years with various talented actors and actresses along the way. Not only that, Indonesia has also incorporated their own unique reality shows through out the years. Way before social media was popularised, everyone relied on television to consume the world of entertainment. Even until now, television is still considered to be one of the best media to deliver both information and entertainment in Indonesia. The idea of Indonesian Television Awards is to give true appreciation for actors, actresses, and people who worked behind the scenes to give thanks and continued support for the local television industry .


Held in a cosy yet majestic studio of one of the biggest Indonesia’s national TV stations RCTI, the show started off with a red carpet appearance from the artists. Minho exuded comfort and confidence in his dapper dark blue suit from his van towards two of Indonesian hosts, Gracia Indri and Boy William. As he greeted fans and local medias with a short interview, Minho flashed his charming smile and gently waved to Shawol (SHINee World) and the cameras around him, captivating everyone present!


With loud chants from the fans and an ocean of pearl aqua, Minho made his way flawlessly to the stage to present an award after an energetic performance of ‘Lucifer’ by Indonesian’s very own local dance group. After greeting the audience, Minho managed to utter “Apa Kabar?” (How are you), gaining more screams from the fans. He then sat down among Indonesia’s top artists before receiving a special award for the night.


Indonesia’s Daniel Mananta and Indy Barends then stood on stage to introduce the next awardee with the screen showing dramas in which Minho had participated in such as Somehow 18′, ‘Medical Top Team’, ‘Hwarang’, and ‘To the Beautiful You’. Watching his own self from a distance, Minho looked shy and threw sheepish smiles before going on stage to receive the award. Despite being an Indonesian award show, Indonesian Television Awards showed its recognition of Minho’s flaming talents as both singer and actor through a ‘Special Award’ given. It is safe to say that Minho drew a lot of attention that night as he presented his humble self and top manners through out the event.


We would like to congratulate Minho for the Special Award and definitely looking forward for greater things from him and the rest of SHINee members! Special thanks to Indonesian Television Awards for extending the media invite to The Seoul Story 🙂

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Photos by: Jessica
Written by: Febby



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