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“[INDONESIA] So Ji Sub ‘TWENTY’ Fan-Meeting in Jakarta – More Than Just An Actor”

After visiting several countries, heart-throb actor So Ji Sub finally greeted Indonesian fans on 7th April 2017 for his fanmeeting ‘TWENTY’: The Moment in Jakarta held at The Kasablanka Hall, Kota Kasablanka!

So Ji Sub stated he chose ‘TWENTY’ as the theme of the fan meeting as a celebration for his twentieth year of acting career.

Different Side of The Actor
After appearing on the small screen playing various characters through out his many years of acting, So Ji Sub prepared a video to answer certain questions.

  • Vegetable Juice VS Beer: Vegetable Juice in the morning to kick-start the day & enjoys beer at night after a long day at work
  • Playing with kids VS Doing sports: He chose playing with kids rather than sports as he feels happy to be around kids and it’s less tiring than sports

The fan-meeting progressed with more fun moments and one of the highlights was the actor did not show any reaction when he was shown a video of a ghost. So Ji Sub did however mention that he particularly dislikes cockroaches if he had to compare the two. The actor also confessed that he prefers bed scenes to kissing scenes with his lead actresses citing that he feels connected right away.

  • Singing VS Dancing: So Ji Sub also revealed he has a lot of interest in hip-hop and he prefers singing to dancing. He also stated that he feels happy and satisfied doing hip-hop despite people telling him to stop
  • Past VS Present: He prefers to move forward and he is happy at where he is presently with his life


Get To Know So Ji Sub Personally
To get to know So Ji Sub better, the fan-meeting continued with a Q&A session by fans through post-its submitted before entering the venue. The actor picked the questions himself on stage and  lucky fans chosen were given the chance to directly ask the actor their burning questions.

It was revealed the actor has tried nasi goreng (fried rice) prior to the fan-meeting. After that, another fan asked “Ahjussi, when are you gonna get married?”, which received an explosive response from the rest of the audience. The actor who is turning forty this year responded that he wants to get married considering his age but maybe not anytime soon.


Special Gifts for Special Fans
In order to create special memories during his fan-meeting, So Ji Sub went the extra mile to prepare specialised gifts for his fans. After creating an aromatherapy candle previously, he personally made a bottle of perfume this time round! He took time to learn how to blend the ingredients needed to produce a good perfume and packed it nicely as a gift for a lucky fan. As though that’s not enough, he sprayed the perfume on the lucky fan earning loud screams of jealousy from the rest.

The actor also picked two more fans to receive other personal gifts which included a signed cap, t-shirt and towel. He ended the segment by inviting everyone to take a photo together with him using a selfie stick!


The actor had an outfit change and returned to the stage to perform a few of his hip-hop songs such as ‘Boy Go’, ‘Don’t Hate Me’, ‘Coke Bottle Baby’ and ‘So Ganzi’. Bringing his friends ‘Soul Vibe’ and ‘DJ Juice’ to feature in the performances with him, he managed to make fans go wild as they jumped along to the songs. So Ji Sub then walked along the aisles to get nearer to the fans while performing his last song for the night. He ended off with “Aku akan kangen kalian” which means “I will miss you guys”!


Thank you Mecima Pro for granting us media permission to cover the event! 🙂
Photo Credit : Mecima Pro and 5K



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