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“[INDONESIA] Shining Night With SEVENTEEN At 2017 Diamond Edge In Jakarta”

The 13 members of SEVENTEEN finally returned to Indonesia on 23rd September 2017 as they held their ‘Diamond Edge’ world tour concert at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in BSD, Tangerang.


A Long Awaited Reunion
After their first fanmeeting in Balai Sarbini last year, CARATs have been eagerly waiting for SEVENTEEN’s return and finally their long wait has proved fruitful. Last Saturday, SEVENTEEN gave their all as they heated the stage with a series of spectacular performances. Looking dapper in colourful suits, they greeted fans with a loud “Apa Kabar Jakarta?” (How are you, Jakarta?), to which CARATs responded with just as much enthusiasm, if not more.


To CARATs delight, their longing was reciprocated by SEVENTEEN as the concert went on and the boys interacted with fans, it soon became evident that the boys had also missed Indonesia. From their first greeting until the very end of the concert, they never failed to talk about their first meeting with Indonesian CARATs last year. S.Coups, Hoshi, and Seungkwan were especially vocal about their feelings. While the leader assured that yes, “We have really been missing Indonesian CARATs”, Hoshi and Seungkwan conveyed how Indonesian CARATs never failed to make wonderful memories with them, and how glad they were that even more people welcomed them in their return.


But even without those words, their happiness were palpable. They were all smiles on stage, turning their charms on full blast that it was impossible not to fall for them even deeper. Starting with “Pretty U”, the title song that earned them their very first music show win, the thirteen boys continued to take CARATs down memory lane, performing earlier songs such as “Beautiful”, “Adore U”, “Still Lonely”, and “Very Nice”. To top it off, they then channeled their inner rebellious school boys personas by performing their hit singles “Mansae” and “Boom Boom”!



Skills So Sharp They Could Cut
Ever since their debut, SEVENTEEN has set themselves apart from other idol groups and earned recognition for being deeply involved in crafting their own performances. From composing and producing their songs to choreographing their own dance moves, SEVENTEEN has continuously proved just how talented they are and at Diamond Edge in Jakarta, CARATs witnessed SEVENTEEN’s remarkable skills in person.


From the moment SEVENTEEN set foot on stage and the first tune started to play, it was clear that SEVENTEEN was ready to prove their worth. Their dance moves were precise and powerful, their singing were on point and most importantly, their stage manners were perfect. Despite only debuted two years prior, their stage presence were overwhelming, making their synchronised choreography all the more mesmerising.


Vocal Unit members Jeonghan, Joshua, Woozi, DK, and Seungkwan looked very regal in their sharp suits and high chairs as they serenaded CARATs in eminent performances. With voices that were more lethal than weapons, “We Gonna Make It Shine”, “Don’t Listen Secretly”, and “Habits” were successfully delivered to loving CARATs.


If Vocal Unit was armed with sweetness, Hip-Hop Unit went the opposite direction. Dressed in rakish suits and shirts, Vernon, S.Coups, Wonwoo, and Mingyu were total bad boy heartthrobs. They looked downright dashing as they spit sick bars and ride the rhythm of “Eun Haeng Il Chi”, “Check In”, and “If I”. They knew how to work the crowd, and Indonesian CARATs went especially wild every time Vernon mentioned his signature line; “I check in, Jakarta city”!


Being the true performers they were, Performance Unit stole the show. From “Swimming Fool” to “OMG” and “Highlight”, they left CARATs in awe with their sleek dance routines. Be it acrobatic or vigorous movements, Jun, Hoshi, The8, and Dino executed everything flawlessly. It was soon for the China-line boys Jun and The8 to shine with their special performance of “My I” that had CARATs going wild with their stage.


Yet, SEVENTEEN shone the brightest when they stood on stage together. “Crazy In Love”, “Rock”, “Chuck”, and a remix version of “Don’t Wanna Cry” were testament of just how the 13 boys complemented each other well. Each of them was a gem on their own but together, they were the most radiant diamond in existence.


“We are here because of CARATs”
The boys of SEVENTEEN never once forgot about the importance of communicating with CARATs that night. Mood maker Hoshi hyped up the crowd with a special greeting while Mingyu showed his appreciation by singing a part of “Habits” while Wonwoo danced a sexy version of “If I”. The hot response from Indonesian CARATs also prompted S.Coups and Wonwoo to take selfies with them. Later on the night, all thirteen members of SEVENTEEN took more selfies with CARATs to commemorate the beautiful night.


Not satisfied with just pictures, SEVENTEEN also made sure to let CARATs know just how grateful they were to be able to stand on stage for their fans. They recorded a special VCR for CARATs to convey what CARATs meant for them. Mingyu’s oxygen, Hoshi’s ten fingers, and DK’s ever-present friends are just a few of the examples. They wrapped the video with the ever-sweet message of “We cherish and love you”, from SEVENTEEN to CARATs.


The same sentiment were echoed at the end of the concert, when all thirteen members sat down after performing “Shining Diamonds” and “Healing” for encore. “Aku Cinta Kamu” (I love you) and “Terima Kasih” (Thank you) were two phrases the boys kept repeating to express just how happy and grateful they were for being able to have fun with Indonesian CARATs that night. It was a beautiful memory that they would like to keep forever, and they hope they could always be together with CARATs.


Although it was difficult, SEVENTEEN bid their goodbyes to CARATs and ended with a promise, “We’ll come back soon” with Mingyu wrapping up with, “I believe the next time we’ll meet will come quickly”. It was indeed a marvelous night with amazing performances and we can’t wait to see SEVENTEEN back with more spectacular stages!  The Seoul Story would like to extend our huge thank you to Mecima Production for the chance to cover this event! 🙂



Photo Credit: Mecima Production
Written by: Erlita Putranti



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