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“[INDONESIA] SHINee dazzles in Indonesia with own solo concert!”

After two years, SHINee returned to Indonesia with ‘SHINee World V in Jakarta 2016’ to meet with their Indonesian Shawols! This time, they came in full strength as five members and fans could not hide their excitement as they started to wait for the boys since early morning. They prepared themselves as they sang and cheered along to SHINee songs as much as they could even before the official concert began!

The concert started with a bang and the hall was shortly filled with lighted lightsticks and the five shining boys performed ‘Hitchhiking’ as their opening stage. SHINee then continued with their hit tracks ‘Married to the Music’, ‘Why So Serious’ and ‘Juliet’! After three consecutive songs for the show, the boys took turns to greet their fans.

Minho: “Do you guys miss us?”
Onew: “We prepared a lot many surprise stages for all of you!”

Taemin then introduced their next song ‘Prism’ and then the group surprised fans with an old track ‘Replay’ acapella version, which brought some bittersweet memories to Shawols who have been supporting the boys since debut days.

As the night got hotter, SHINee presented the fans with a VCR for ‘Beautiful’ and continued performing ‘Black Hole’ and ‘Odd Eye’ with mesmerising stage decorations. The boys then turned into sexy men with ‘Feel Good’ and continued oozing out the best with ‘Trigger’ accompanied by some intense head banging session on stage. Taemin then greeted fans with his solo stage ‘Goodbye’ which then continued to group’s performance of ‘Ring Ding Dong’ and special dance break from Minho in the middle of ‘Lucifer’!

Key did a special shoutout to fans in hijab saying that they were really pretty as their hijab colours coincide with SHINee’s official colour which is pearl aqua. After a little interaction session with fans, SHINee continued with ‘Farewell My Love’, ‘Aside’ and “Don’t Let Me Go”. Fans intensified their cheers when the boys told them to wait a little bit more for their repacking album to be out (1 and 1 is now out!).

The boys then continued with a special stage with members Onew and Jonghyun where the duo performed a duet of “Please Don’t Go”. It was such a beautiful performance that serenaded the fans pleasantly. The boys then proceeded with an energetic song ‘Punch Drunk Love’ in cute boxing outfits which was quickly followed up with ‘Dream Girl’!

Another surprise for the night was when SHINee went around the entire hall throwing autographed balls to the audience! Continuing hyping up the fans, the five shining boys continued with ‘View’, ‘Ready Or Not’, ‘Saviour’ and ‘Everybody’! Their energy for the night was so great and fans truly had an enjoyable night as they partied together.


SHINee returned on stage for an encore performance where they performed ‘1 of 1’ and ‘Lucky Star’. After wrapping up their performances, Jonghyun mentioned they will definitely be back again. Onew also expressed his desire to greet Indonesian fans once again in the future. The members each took turns to say their thank you(s) to fans and hope to come back to Indonesia again.

We would like to thank My Music Taste for inviting us to the event and for such an amazing concert! Check out our Facebook page for more photos from the night 🙂



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