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“[INDONESIA] SH Cup 2016; Friendly Match between South Korea & Indonesia”


A friendly match between South Korea’s celebrity soccer team and Indonesia’s celebrity soccer team was held on November 5th, 2016 at Stadion Patriot Candrabhaga Bekasi, Indonesia. Brought by SH Elim Jaya Entertainment, the match was held to foster closer relationships between the two countries.

The event successfully attracted a lot of Indonesian Hallyu fans who looked forward to see their favorite Korean singers, actors, models who are part of FC men, a soccer team formed by JYJ’s Xia Junsu.


Screams were heard from every corner of the stadium as the players were seen coming out to do warm-ups. Xia Junsu, Yoon DooJoon, Lee GiKwang, MyName’s SeYong, Bigstar’s Sunghak, Baek Seunghun, Lee Sigang, and Jo Wanho were the stars of the night!

National anthems from the two countries became the cue that the match had officially started. The stadium began to heat up as FC men scored the first goal, which was soon followed by Indonesian team, erupting cheers from supporters of both sides. Xia Junsu’s outstanding soccer skills became the highlight of the night. In addition, good coordination among FC Men members could also be seen during throughout the match.


It was a completely new experience for Indonesian fans to see their favorite stars clad in cool uniforms and run around on a soccer field instead of seeing them stand on the stage as usual. Some of the stars also didn’t forget to give out fan-services during the match, such as FC Men’s captain, GiKwang, who was spotted waving and smiled at the fans as a form of appreciation of their support. However, in the midst of of the game, an unfortunate injury happened to Jo Wanho. The event was definitely a roller-coaster ride which was filled with excitement and tension for the attending fans.


Things became more heated up as the second-half of the match started. This time, it was Lee Sigang’s turn to show off his skills. Kim Eunhu, MyName’s Seyong, and Bigstar’s Sunghak also managed to add up the team’s score to 5 points. 

The match then ended with the score 5 to 3, leading FC Men to the champion seat! It was truly a fair, well-played game worth-seeing, filled with some cute interactions between FC Men members and also the Indonesian team.


Not forgetting that the game was held succesfully because of the fans’ support, all the FC Men members went to every side of the stadium, waving at the fans while thanking them. Overflowing smiles and happy faces were seen on each and every face of the attendees, showing how wonderful that night was. The friendly match between South Korea and Indonesia that night will definitely tighten the ties between the two countries.

We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to SH Elim Jaya Entertainment for the invitation and coverage opportunity!





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