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“[INDONESIA] SEVENTEEN Shine Bright Like A Diamond With CARATs!”


Having only been in the music scene for more than a year, rookie idol group SEVENTEEN have made a name for themselves as self producing idols. After events in Singapore and Manila, it was Indonesian CARATs‘ time to witness the group’s live performance through an unforgettable fanmeeting last month in Jakarta.


Fans could not hide their excitement even before the show started. As if all the fans were connected heart to heart, they sang along to the music videos played onscreen. Finally, the lights started to dim as a sign that the show was about to start. The boys were welcomed onstage by the loud cheers and kicked off the fanmeet with a track from their debut album “Shining Diamond”.


To further hype up the crowd and atmosphere, SEVENTEEN continued with “ROCK” and turned up the heat inside the venue with their body waves and smooth choreography. Next, the boys swiftly moved on to the next track of the night – “Chuck”!


Moving on to the next segment, the members sat down for a breather and took turns to answer quiz questions from fans! CARATs had written down their requests on sticky notes that were stuck on a whiteboard. From maknae Dino dancing sexily to viral hit “Gangnam Style” to Woozi adorably performing to the famous Korean children song “3 Bears” in Bahasa, each sticky note that the members picked brought about interesting and hilarious moments.


For the second game segment of the night, member Jeonghan became the emcee and the group was split into their Vocal, Performance and Hip Hop units. It was a game of charades and the boys had to act out several interesting words such as ‘sate’ (an Indonesian meat dish) and even ‘Monas’ (Jakarta national monument), drawing a lot of laughter from fans. Since the Performance team received the lowest score, they were tasked to do a forfeit. Unit leader Hoshi had to hold his laughter in while being tickled by the other members while maknae Dino was asked to perform a sexy dance, which spurred the fans on to request for a sexy dance from the other members as well!


Although all the fun and games were certainly highlights of the fanmeeting, the performance part of the event is definitely worth more than a mention. SEVENTEEN turned the atmosphere up a notch by taking to the stage and performing some of their popular title tracks such as “Mansae”, “Pretty U” and catchy debut track “Adore You”. Indonesian CARATs sang along enthusiastically to the songs, which showed how strong SEVENTEEN’s fanbase is here in Indonesia.

Nearing the end of the fanmeeting, the boys returned to the stage in a casual outfit consisting of blue and white striped shirts. SEVENTEEN serenaded fans with heart warming song “Healing” also completed the encore with recently released sweet track “Love Letter”.


All good things must come to an end – soon it was time for the boys to make their final speeches. While bidding the fans farewell, DK shouted “Kita akan bertemu lagi!” (We will meet again!). Member Seungkwan soothed the crying fans by promising to return to Jakarta next time. From the loud cheers and reluctant goodbyes, Indonesian CARATs showed their love for the group and would surely anticipate SEVENTEEN’s next visit to Jakarta in the near future.

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