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“[INDONESIA] Running Man ‘Race Start Season’ 2 in Jakarta”


25 October 2014 was an unforgettable night for Indonesian Runners since the long wait to meet their favourite stars up close has finally come to an end.

As Ji Seokjin, Kim Jongkook, Song Jihyo, Lee Kwangsoo and HaHa made their first appearance singing a song from the “My Love from Another Star” soundtrack titled “You are My Destiny”, fans kept on cheering endlessly, welcoming the 5 Running Man members.


The fan meeting then continued, where 15 fans were chosen to team up with each of the Running Man members and played mini games such as ttakji, moving beans with chopsticks and even hugging each other to pop the balloons. Also, the lucky fans got to take polaroid pictures with each of the members, causing the whole venue to go as wild as they envied the lucky fans on stage.

The excitement mood went a bit slow with Jongkook’s heartwarming ballad performance of “One Man” as well as Kwangsoo’s romantic piano performance. However, fans were brought back to their hyper mood as Kwangsoo made a shocking appearance as Hyuna and Seokjin as Hyeunseung, who teamed up to form their own version of Trouble Maker.


Nearing the end of the show that night, Jihyo conveyed that it is their second time to be here in Indonesia, and she is very happy. While Kwangsoo added “Tonight is very memorable! I won’t forget it”.

Joongkook’s hit song, “Lovable” was the first encore song that night. Fans and the 5 members were jumping and singing to the song as one untill the end. 2PM’s “Hands Up” was performed as the last encore song.


“Terima kasih Indonesia! Kami cinta kalian!” The members thanked the fans endlessly in bahasa while bowing their whole body onstage until they waved their final goodbyes.

THESEOULSTORY.COM would like to thank Munial Sport Group for the chance to cover this event. Check out our facebook page for more photos of this event!

Written by: Kerin
Photos by: Jessica


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