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“[INDONESIA] Passionate and Loving Actor Park Bo Gum at Good Day in Jakarta Press Conference”

Ahead of Park Bo Gum “Good Day” in Jakarta Fan meeting, we had a chance to meet the amazing actor up-close at Good Day in Jakarta press conference on Friday, 22nd March 2019. The press conference wasn’t only attended by media, but also attended by lucky fans who got the chance to take a closer look at the multitalented actor/singer/MC. We had a nice talk discussing his previous visit in Indonesia, his career, and also his undying love for the fans.

Reminiscing Previous Meeting

Park Bo Gum entered the press conference room with a bright smile, in his black suit that accentuated his beauty. He started answering questions and stated that it was actually his third time coming to Indonesia after his first fan meeting, “Oh Happy Day” in 2017, and the second time as an MC for Music Bank in Jakarta 2017. He always loved the energy and enthusiasm of Indonesian fans. He personally enjoyed the warm weather in Jakarta too and wished to visit other sunny places in Indonesia like Lombok and Bali. He also talked about his favorite food during his stay in Jakart, like “Gado-Gado”, “Nasi Goreng” (fried rice), and “Satay”.

Talking about the most memorable moment during the “Oh Happy Day” fan meeting two years ago, he remembered singing an Indonesian song, “Untukku” and how the fans sang along happily with him. That’s why for his fan meeting this time, he wanted to make it more like a mini-concert so that he can sing along more with the fans. He also prepared a secret special stage that can only be seen during his fan meeting the day after.

He then talked about the philosophy underneath the name of his fan meeting. “Oh Happy Day” for him means that his fans will have a happy day every day. While “Good Day” means that he want the fans to have the best day every day. Truly a beautiful message from an idol to his fans!

Passionate Actor who Loves His Job

We continued to talk about his recent and upcoming projects. He shared about his experience during filming his latest drama, “Encounter”, or known as “Boyfriend”, with actress Song Hye Kyo. He enjoyed visiting Cuba during the drama filming and talked about how energetic and enthusiastic the Cubans were. It kind of reminded him of Indonesian fans that he couldn’t wait to meet during the fan meeting.

He also talked about his upcoming movie, “Seo Bok”, and his role as a non-human character. Through this role, he said that he could learn to appreciate life more and understand about human fear.

What he likes the most about being an actor is how he can walk in other people’s shoes and understand their feelings. He has played a lot of roles before, but he also said that there are still many roles that he haven’t played yet. So, when being asked about what kind of character he wanted to try next, he said that he’s free to any options and asked the fans instead about what characters they want him to play next.

The fans excitedly answered, “Chef!”. Park Bo Gum smiled and said that he would keep that in mind. Hopefully, we can see Chef Park Bo Gum on screen soon 🙂

Future Goal and Message to The Fans

Talking about his future goal as an actor, Park Bo Gum said that he wanted to be remembered as an excellent actor whose movies and dramas are always worth the watch. Whenever his name is in the project, he wants people to be convinced that it’ll be good. He stated that this is still a big homework for him and that he’s currently working on it with every project that he takes.

Lastly, he thanked the fans once again for always supporting him and always making big efforts just to meet him. Even though they share different languages, he still feels connected with his fans all over the world. He told the fans to wish him luck for the fan meeting tomorrow and he promised to bring his best performance for Indonesian fans whom he really missed.

He ended the press conference by quoting lyrics from the song Untukku, Dimana engkau berada, disana cintaku” which means “Wherever you are, that’s where my love is” and presented his cute smile one last time before leaving the venue.

We would like to thank MecimaPro for the media invite to see actor Park Bo Gum from up close. For more HQ photos, head over to ourFacebook page! 

Photos by: Jessica
Written by: Evi Kusumaningrum