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“[INDONESIA] NELL, Taeyang & Akdong Musician Party With Fans at ‘Saranghaeyo Indonesia 2016’!”


Brought to you by Mecima Production and Livenation with support from The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), a one of a kind concert entitled ‘Saranghaeyo Indonesia 2016’ was held on October 8 at the ICE BSD City Hall, Indonesia. With Taeyang, Akdong Musician, and NELL as the line-up, the event successfully gathered a lot of Indonesian K-pop fans that night.

Akdong Musician kicked started the concert with one of their latest songs, ‘How People Move’. The duo, which consists of siblings Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun, hyped up the crowd as they started singing their next song, ‘Give Love’.

Not only did they impressed the audience with their beautiful live vocals, the duo also brought about loud cheers as they started coming forward to the crowd to interact with fans. During their next song, Chanhyuk told Indonesian Fans Aku Cinta Kamu!’ just like the title of the sweet track they were singing, ‘I Love You’.

They then took a short break to formally introduce themselves to the audience. Both Chanhyuk and Suhyun made some cute attempts to speak in Bahasa and English so they could interact with the fans putting everyone in a great mood.


The duo then continued with another of their latest songs, ‘Re-Bye’, before changing the mood as they performed the emotional track, ‘Melted’.

Chanhyuk and Suhyun also gave a pleasant surprise to the fans when they performed their rendition of Frozen’s Ost : ‘Love is an Open Door’ before they proceeded with a cover of ‘Happy’, a song from a famous Indonesian Indie Band, Mocca.

They then continued to express their love to the crowd by saying ‘Kalian Keren Banget!’ (You guys are amazing!) and ‘Aku Cinta Kalian!’(I love you guys!) as they performed their last two songs of the night, ‘Crescendo’ and ‘200%’.


NELL was the second act to perform for the night. The band brought excitement to the venue even before they appeared by greeting the audience through a video-text and asked them to make some noise. They then kicked off the concert with their hit song, ‘Time Walking Through Memories’, which soothed the fans with Vocalist Kim Jongwan’s smooth vocals.

After their first song, they took their time to greet the audience by saying ‘Selamat Malam, Kami NELL!‘ (Good evening, we are NELL!).

The band members continued to converse with the audience by speaking in English and some simple phrases in Bahasa. Bassist Lee Junghoon told the audience that ‘Kalian Keren Banget!’ (You guys are amazing!) while Kim Jongwan expressed that he had tried to learn Bahasa, but it was difficult, so he ended up greeting the fans wittily by using an Indonesian-speaking sound-recording, which erupted laughter from the audience.


NELL continued to rock it out and made the audience jam along as they performed their hit songs such as ‘Cliff Parade’ and ‘Ocean of Lights’. They also put a change to the mood by performing an emotional track, ‘White Dwarf Star’.

Much to the fans’ delight, the band did not only perform their older hit songs, but also two of their latest songs which had only been released recently, ‘Dream Catcher’ and ‘Habitual Irony’.

NELL’s performance for the night came to an end with the track ‘Words You Shouldn’t Believe’. They expressed their gratitude to Indonesian fans for the loud cheers despite their first time coming to Jakarta. As they were leaving, drummer Jung Jaewon was spotted carrying an Indonesian Red-White flag as he showed it to the crowd.


Roaring cheers were erupted from the crowd as the long awaited performer of the night, Taeyang, finally appeared on stage and started off with ‘Ringa Linga’ before following up with ‘Superstar’.

Coming back to Indonesia after a year and a month since ‘MADE’ tour in JAKARTA, Taeyang took a break to ask the fans whether they missed him, because he definitely missed Jakarta as well! The singer also expressed that he wanted to create more great memories with Indonesian fans that night.

Next song by Taeyang was ‘1AM’ before he continued with one of his hits, ‘I Need A Girl’. He then asked the audience to make some noise and told the fans that he was there just for them as he sang one of his older tracks, ‘Only Look At Me’.


The vocalist of BIG BANG teased the fans in attendance by asking if they wanted to see the other BIG BANG members, which earned ear-piercing screams from the crowd. Soon after he asked that, Taeyang proceeded to perform ‘Good Boy’ before hyping up the audience even more with the group’s two hit songs; ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and ‘Fantastic Baby’, which certainly became the highlight of the night.

As the concert slowly came to an end, Taeyang teased the fans once again during his final speech. This time, he brought up about BIG BANG’s upcoming new album, saying that he wished that fans would enjoy their songs once it’s released. Not only that, the singer also expressed that he would like to bring the other BIG BANG members to Jakarta again next time, which successfully brought excited cheers from the audience.

The concert was definitely another night to remember for both Taeyang and Indonesian fans as he never stopped expressing his love for the fans and told them that he had made great memories that night. The singer performed ‘Body’ before officially ending the concert with his popular hit song, ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’.

We would like to extend our huge gratitude to Mecima Production and Livenation for the generous invite to the concert 🙂


Picture Credit: Mecima Production
Article by: The Seoul Story



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