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“[INDONESIA] Lee Dong Wook Shares More On ‘Goblin’ & Future Plans”

Having greeted Jakarta fans before with his handsome and chic presence, actor Lee Dong Wook is back especially for his dear fans this time round as part of his fan meeting tour, “For My Dear”. A day before the fan-meeting, Lee Dong Wook greeted the media during the event’s press conference.

The room immediately erupted to pandemonium once the actor stepped onto the stage to greet the crowd. The actor’s dashing looks stunned the people present that even the emcee admitted he was nervous to interview Lee Dong Wook. With an “Apa kabar? (How are you?),” a startled Lee Dong Wook gave the room a good laugh as the actor displayed his innocence. But, alas, the press conference kicked off smoothly as Lee Dong Wook answered, with the help of a translator, “Baik (I am well)”.

Of course, from the start, the topic of Lee Dong Wook’s hit drama ‘Goblin’ could not be avoided during the press conference. “I did not expect that the drama would be as popular as it is now, but I am grateful that it turned to be a hit because it gives me a chance to come back to Indonesia and meet my fans”, answered Lee when asked about his opinion about the popularity of Goblin. He added that the great script put forth by veteran, Daesang award-winning screenwriter Kim Eun Sook along with the great performance by his three co-stars Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, and Yoo In Na weighted to the global popularity of Goblin.

Being the veteran actor he is with up to 20 years of experience, Lee Dong Wook was asked many questions regarding his craft. When asked whether he enjoys playing roles under the genre of romantic comedies, Lee Dong Wook believes he will, “…invest myself (himself) into any role with my (his) maximum effort.” He also mentioned that since he recently played a fantasy character in the hit drama Goblin, he hopes to tackle a more “realistic character” in the future. Ultimately, he hopes that, “…any role I will play in the future, everyone will appreciate it.”

Speaking of the future, Lee Dong Wook revealed that he has no particular plans for any future projects; he emphasized that he wants to, “…focus on my (his) fan meeting tour that will last until July of this year.” He also revealed, upon being asked whether he will consider any other profession in the future, that he hopes to continue and do more as an actor but still leaves room for opportunities to star in variety shows.

Finally, when asked about what he has prepared for the upcoming fan meeting, Lee Dong Wook answered, “Since I am not a singer nor a dance, I have prepared more interactive ways to interact with my fans, such as games and a photo session, that I hope they will look forward to during the fan meeting tomorrow.” Lee Dong Wook ended the press conference, with a warm regard to the fans of Indonesia stating how excited he is to be back in Indonesia after almost 10 years and how much he looks forward to having a great time with his fans during the fan-meeting.

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