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“[INDONESIA] GOT7 Promises to ‘Hard Carry’ at Flight Log : TURBULENCE Press Conference in Jakarta”

Two years after their first fan-meeting in Jakarta, GOT7 is back in the city with their fan-meet tour, GOT7’s Flight Log: TURBULENCE. Prior to the fan-meet, the multi-national group from JYP Entertainment greeted the media through a press conference.

As it was their second time holding a fan-meet in Indonesia, they stated that IGOT7s would experience something new during the show. It would definitely be different from the first fan-meet in Jakarta since they would perform songs from their latest album, Flight Log: TURBULENCE.

The group recently also announced comeback with ‘Flight Log: ARRIVAL’, which earned curiosity and interest even among the media. Although they couldn’t reveal anything yet, they promised that they will bring something awesome with the comeback.

Cute like ‘Just Right’, powerful like ‘Hard Carry’; when asked about which concept suits GOT7 the most, members admitted that performance-focused song like their debut single, ‘Girls Girls Girls’ is one concept that brings out the best of them. Then again, as a group, they are not limited to one concept, so the boys are always able to pull off various genre of songs and performances.

The next question was about GOT7’s achievement. Having winning various awards with each comeback, they were asked about their goal in the future. In response to that, the members told the media that their goal is to last long as a group. In addition, they also wished to win more prestigious awards.

During the press conference, the boys also managed to bring amusement by imitating the emcee’s words in Indonesian such as “Keren” (Cool) and “Sabar” (Be Patient).


GOT7 ended the press conference by leaving a message to Ahgase(s) who couldn’t make it to the show. They mentioned that it certainly would not be their last time coming to Jakarta, so, they asked fans to look out for the next opportunity to see them once again.

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