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“[INDONESIA] GOT7 Let Fans Experience their Turbulence at Jakarta Fan Meeting”

After visiting various countries such as Philippines, Singapore, and USA for their Flight Log: TURBULENCE fan-meet tour, GOT7 finally arrived in Jakarta on February 18th, 2017 to greet Indonesian Ahgases.

The group kicked off the show that night with two slow tracks, ‘Let Me’ and ‘Prove It’.  The members then began introducing themselves soon after finishing the two songs.

During the introduction segment, it felt as if each of them were competing to snatch the fans’ hearts with their words. Loud cheers were especially heard from the audience when leader JB said “Kalian cantik sekali” (You guys are so pretty). Not wanting to lose, member Jackson managed to erupt more screams as he told the fans: “Kamu lah segalanya” (You Are My Everything).

As they carried on with the ment, the boys stated that it was such a pleasure to be able to come back to Jakarta after two years. They even admitted to still remember the date of their first fan-meeting in Jakarta, which was no other than November 28th, 2015.

The members also talked about some stuff they have been doing recently, such as winning the Best Worldwide Act on MTV’s European Music Award, which was a great achievement for both GOT7 and IGOT7s. They didn’t forget to give a hint about their upcoming comeback as well. This time, it was magnae Yugyeom’s turn to tease the fans with the dance move.

During the Q&A segment, each member were given the chance to read various fans requests they picked by themselves. The segment brought lots of fun and laughter among the crowd as the boys kept giving out entertaining responses and reactions, with some fan-services added in such as BamBam singing to ‘Call You Mine’ and Mark-Youngjae’s pepero game.

Following the Q&A segment, the septet started performing their next song, ‘Boom X3’, which was followed with the long awaited special stage. The group gave attending fans a pleasant surprise by performing ‘Skyway’ for the first time during the Turbulence fan-meet tour.

The next segment was game time. 7 lucky fans were chosen to come up to the stage and was paired with each member to play mini basketball. As the boys summoned their lucky fans, main vocal Youngjae brought some amusement with his continuous attempt to speak Indonesian.

It was indeed hard for the other Ahgases to contain their jealousy as the boys acted so close and friendly with the 7 chosen fans. Jackson even made a couple name with his partner, FatiSon! In the end, the FatiSon couple won the mini basketball game.

The group then continued the show with ‘Fly’. Unfortunately, two hours passed by so fast, and it was time for them to end the show.

During the ending talk, member Jinyoung expressed his happiness about coming back to Indonesia once again. He mentioned that even way back at the airport, he could feel the excitement of the Ahgases who welcomed them, and he felt grateful because of that. Mark also reminded Ahgases to look forward to their new album, which will be released next month. GOT7 then closed off the ending talk by taking a few commemoration photos with the audience.

Much to GOT7’s surprise, a special video from fans were shown on screen after they finished the ment. Following to the video, fans started singing ‘Confession Song’ to GOT7, which was soon followed along by the members themselves. It surely was a touching moment for both GOT7 and IGOT7s, which also became the highlight of that night.

Rousing screams were heard from the crowd as GOT7 pumped up the stage again with ‘Hard Carry’. Eventually, the boys got back on the stage for an encore with ‘Home Run’ to conclude the show. As the members bid their goodbye to the audience, Jackson reminded IGOT7s that they will be back to Jakarta before leaving the stage.

The Seoul Story would like to thank Mecima Production for the opportunity to cover this event! 🙂



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