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“[INDONESIA] GOT7 & Fans Confessed Their Love At 1st Fanmeeting in Jakarta!”


“We Are GOT7!”

Before the fanmeeting, the boys attended a press conference where they answered questions posed to them by the media. When asked about their impression of Indonesia, leader JB said that he was awed by the beautiful views of Jakarta, while Bambam mentioned that he ate Bubur Ayam (Chicken Porridge) the night before and he enjoyed the food very much! GOT7 also revealed that they will be holding an Asia Tour next year and would love to visit Indonesia again. They also promised to show even better performances in the future.


JB, Mark, Jackson, Junior, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom started off their first fanmeeting in Jakarta with ‘Stop Stop It’. Besides performing their hit songs such as ‘Girls Girls Girls’, ‘Just Right’, ‘If You Do’, ‘Magnetic’ and the septet version of JJ Project’sBounce’, Junior also sang an Indonesian song Mau Dibawa Kemana’, which drew rousing cheers from the fans who soon began to sing along with him.

Indonesian IGOT7s were definitely delighted by never-ending fan service from the boys that night. Some lucky fans even got the chance to interact up-close with the members as they played three different games with 7 chosen fans for each game. During the games, we could see how the boys had just as much fun as IGOT7s did.


One of the more memorable moments from this fanmeeting was the Kami Sayang GOT7’ (We Love GOT7) banner project during ‘Just Right’. The fans also carried out a banner project for maknae Yugyeom’s birthday, and a cake was brought onto the stage along with an Indonesian dish, Nasi Tumpeng. Indonesian IGOT7s then started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ for Yugyeom in Bahasa Indonesia. The project was successful and Yugyeom thanked Indonesian fans for the belated birthday celebration.

Another highlight of that night was certainly the live performance of ‘Confession Song’, which had just been released recently. After the loud cheers from the audience for an encore, the boys came back onstage and ended off the fanmeeting with a special remixed version of ‘A’.

The Seoul Story would like to thank SHAHGROUPSG and SH Entertainment for the opportunity to cover this event! 🙂


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