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“[INDONESIA] Explosion of Diverse Talents at Music Bank Jakarta”

It was definitely a splendid  Saturday night spent with EXO, BAP, ASTRO, NCT 127 and GFRIEND as they pulled off numerous top-quality performances for Indonesian fans in Music Bank Jakarta on September 2nd, 2017 at  Jakarta International Expo. It was a packed attendance on show day, showing tremendous interest of Hallyu wave from Indonesian fans. Not only that, it also proved the show has successfully brought different fandoms together to enjoy a night of diversity.

Here are our four unforgettable moments from the show!

Undeniable Charms of NCT 127, ASTRO and EXO
It wasn’t the first time for these groups to be in Jakarta yet loud cheers and colorful sea of lightsticks filled the venue showing how thrilled the fans were to see them once again. With actor Park Bogum and Red Velvet Irene alongside Indonesia’s Lolita Agustine hosting the show, it was a wonderful combination from both countries. NCT 127 kicked off the night with their powerful debut single ‘Firetruck’, heating up the atmosphere since the very beginning of the show. The charming nine boys managed to greet the fans individually to every NCTzen who were there to watch them. It was a ‘Good Thing’ that these boys appeared in front of our eyes that night, even also dropping ‘Cherry Bomb’ within the crowd earning echoes of fanchants throughout their performances.


Delighted to see Indonesian Aroha(s)ASTRO boys greeted the fans with ‘Baby’ in chic black and white outfits. Greeting the fans with ‘Apa kabar?’ (How are you?), these six boys then showed a well-prepared special present, singing a bit of Indonesian song ‘Kesempurnaan Cinta’ which all the fans sang along to. In order to create endearing memories, the boys performed “Cat’s Eye” cutely followed by ‘Again/Should Have Held On’, not wanting to let go of their fans for the night.


As cosmic latte ocean filled up the venue, we all knew it was the monstrous artist’s time to take the spotlight. Worldwide best-selling Kpop group EXO brought groovy atmosphere to the night with their newest single ‘Ko Ko Bop’ along with synced fanchants from EXO-L(s). After showing sexy body waves through ‘The Eve’, EXO members escorted a lucky fan onto the stage for a selfie together, inviting loud screams from the crowd. Releasing a new album soon, the dazzling eight boys asked the fans to look forward and wait a little more for it. Feeling energised by looking at EXO-L(s), the boys ran around the stage, singing ‘Tender Love’ along with the fans and ended off with ‘Lotto’ as their final song for the night.


B.A.P & GFRIEND’s First Time in Indonesia
A long wait for Indonesian Baby(z) & Buddy(s) finally came to an end as Music Bank brought B.A.P and GFRIEND to see them live in action. Performing in the heart of Indonesia for the first time, GFRIEND appeared in light blue outfits, stealing the hearts of the audience. ‘Rough’ was the first song from the girls before officially greeting the fans. Feeling exhilarated to meet Indonesian Buddy(s) for the first time, they hinted that there will be more opportunities to see them as they promised to have a fan meeting in the future! Before saying good bye, the six beautiful ladies performed ‘Navillera’ and ‘Me Gustas Tu’ marking delightful memories for fans to reminisce.


Six absolutely good-looking guys well-known as Best, Absolute, Perfect men continued heating up the stage. Imprinting a beastly mark for the night, B.A.P started with their latest single ‘Wake Me Up’. As MATOKI lightsticks were held up high, the boys showed off grand dance skills in ‘Warrior’ which was well-synchronised with the whistling sounds from fans! To make even the night more special, B.A.P decided to give a sneak peek of their upcoming new song, ‘Honeymoon’! The night continued with “That’s My Jam”, ‘No Mercy’ and ‘Bang Bang’, proving their endless stage presence.


Most-Awaited Special Stages
Knowing that Indonesian fans are huge drama lovers, special performances of ‘Talk Love’ by B.A.P Daehyun & Youngjae and ‘Stay With Me’ by EXO Chanyeol & GFRIEND Yuju were brought to live!

It didn’t stop there as ASTRO Sanha and Eunwoo performed their own rendition of ‘Happy’ while GFRIEND Eunha serenaded us with ‘I Remember’. The hype continued as NCT 127 perfectly showed off their talents with a medley of SHINee’s ‘Lucifer’ and Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ which then followed with GFRIEND’s impressive medley of boy group songs, SEVENTEEN’s ‘Pretty U’, BTS’ ‘I Need U’ and EXO’s ‘Growl’ gaining endless applause from the crowd.

Indonesians Getting That K-pop Groove On
As part of Korea Festival 2017, Music Bank Jakarta fostered stronger ties between Indonesia and Korea. Although the show was mostly about Hallyu wave, Indonesia also had the chance to present their local talents on stage. A few of Indonesia’s very own cover groups showed off a medley of performances from the different artists; hidden gems that finally managed to shine on stage! Newly formed local boyband B Force had their chance to introduce their debut song ‘Hanya Untukmu’ (Only For You) showing Indonesian pride to the crowd.

With magnificent stages and delightful performances, Music Bank has once again delivered beyond our expectations for their world tour stop in Indonesia. However, as they say, good things must come to an end and soon, it was time to say goodbye. It was an incredible night and we look forward to another smashing show in the future!


The Seoul Story would like to extend our gratitude to Star Media Nusantara and  YES24 Indonesia for the opportunity of providing media coverage for the event! 🙂


Photo Credit: Star Media Nusantara
Written by: Febby



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