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“[INDONESIA] Endless Excitement & High Quality Music at Saranghaeyo Indonesia 2017”

November 25th 2017 was a wonderful night for Indonesian K-Pop fans, as they spent their night with groovy music from the amazingly talented DAY6, Eric Nam, Dean, Lee Hi, and iKON at Saranghaeyo Indonesia 2017 which was held at Hall 5 of Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in BSD, Tangerang!


It was an unforgettable night for everyone involved, and here are our top five highlights from the show!

DAY6 were Crazy Good Performers
Being the first one to perform was a heavy responsibility, but it was one DAY6 handled with ease. In fact, it made them all the more excited to show just how much they love performing in Indonesia! With a parade of their hit songs “I’m Serious”, “Dance Dance”, “You’re Beautiful”, and “Congratulations”, they had the crowd all pumped up as they rocked the stage. They seemed to really appreciate the enthusiasm, as they were all smiles throughout their performances.


Even though it has only been three months since DAY6 came to Indonesia for their Live & Meet Show, the boys were definitely eager to perform for Indonesian fans again. Leader Sungjin wasn’t shy to express it, as he asked fans whether or not they’re happy to see them again so soon. The crowd answered with a resounding yes, and they replied with as much passion, unleashing their secret weapon: a cover of Indonesian popular song “Separuh Aku” by renowned band “Noah”. Not only were their pronunciation near perfect, they also added their own color to the song, showcasing their versatility which was very much appreciated by fans!


DAY6 got the crowd to jump along with them as they performed “Sing Me”, and then made everyone even more hyped up when Jae came down from the stage and led the crowd going crazy with their final song, “Freely”. Exiting the stage with tons of “Terima kasih!” (Thank you!), DAY6 once again proved that they were made out of pure talent.


Eric Nam, The Fan Service King
Up next was Eric Nam, who wowed the crowd from the very second he stepped on stage with his sexy performance of “Body”. It was such a contrast to the sweet “You, Who?” that followed after, but there lies his charm. With the way he easily alternated between crooning romantic lyrics and showcasing his light footwork in “Good For You”, it really wasn’t surprising that lots of fans were swooned by his stage presence.


However, what made Eric Nam’s stage truly memorable was his ability to connect with fans, something that his perfect English played a big part in which enabled him to freely converse with the audience. Because it was his first time coming to Indonesia, he admitted that he was kind of worried whether local audience were aware of his songs. But after listening to them singing along in Korean, he was amazed and realized there was no need for him to worry. Even more so when the fans sang “Happy Birthday” to celebrate his birthday, making him felt touched and grateful.


Intent on repaying the fans’ heart with his best performance, Eric Nam then continued to sweep everyone off their feet with his rendition of the chart-topping fan favorite, “Cave Me In”. The chorus of chants energized him even more, and he took fans on an even wilder ride with “Into You” and “Ooh Ooh”. Thanking the fans for their interest everywhere, including the internet, Eric Nam then ended his segment with the sweet but heartfelt “Can’t Help Myself”. With a combination of fancy dancing skills, wonderful sweet voice, and friendly personality, Eric Nam is a truly great performer!


Dean Really Got His Groove On
Dean kicked off his stage with “Put My Hands on You” and alternated between his naughty side with “21” and “Love”, and his sad emotions while performing “What 2 Do”. Fans definitely enjoyed his performances and were eager for more!


Being the artist that he was, Dean wasn’t satisfied with just showing his R&B groove. Channeling his hip-hop roots, he treated fans with his part from his crew’s anthem, “Fanxy Child” when he sang his iconic “Different R&B” line. He continued with  “Where U At” and impressed fans with his rap skills by doubling on Dynamic Duo‘s Gaeko‘s part during “D (Half Moon)”, completing the lovely moment with beautiful waves of light from fans!


Lastly, Dean went wild with his final song “I’m Not Sorry”. Spraying water all over fans, he ended his stage on a very high note. So much so that fans were reluctant to part, screaming for encore with all their might. It was then that Dean answered fans’ request and returned with the remix version of the all-kill hit, “Bermuda Triangle”. Going all out on both vocal and rap, Dean concluded his stage with a performance that cemented his status a rising star in the Korean music industry.


Lee Hi’s Touching Love for Indonesia
The audience welcomed Lee Hi with great cheers as she performed “Breathe” and “Rose”. The singer proved that her amazingly beautiful vocal was worth the wait. Whether it was the latest fan favorite “My Star” or the heartfelt “Hold Your Hand”,  she belted out every note with ease.


But what really was the best part is her humble personality which was evident during her greeting. She looked rather overwhelmed by the warm welcome was unsure of the reception by local fans so she was really happy to see them sing along. She was so enamored that she promised to come back again and learn Bahasa Indonesia so she could converse freely with fans.


Building on that note, Lee Hi showed her gratitude for being able to perform in front of Indonesian fans with a special performance of “World Tour”, the song that she really wished to sing in front of international fans. Soon after, it was time for Lee Hi to bid goodbye with “I’m Different” and her iconic debut song “1, 2, 3, 4”.


iKON Brought the House Down
Returning after over a year, iKON kicked off the stage with the energetic  “Sinosijak”. Showcasing their high powered choreography, the seven boys were full of excitement! They continued with “Rhythm Ta” pumping up the atmosphere even more!


iKON showed their enthusiasm through both heartfelt words and passionate actions as they greeted fans “Apa Kabar” (How Are You)! Less intense songs such as “My Type” and “#WYD” gave them the perfect chance to interact with fans while having fun together.  Jinhwan kept showing his love with heart gestures while Chanwoo personally went closer to fans to greet them. Yunhyeong took it to the next level as he got the fans singing along with him and recorded himself with a fan’s phone!


With a parade of their hit songs “Bling Bling” and “B-Day”, iKON had everyone up on their feet dancing along to their performances. Their last song “Dumb and Dumber” concluded their segment and it was a song that showed just how energetic and fun iKON is!


It was an amazing night with incredible music and The Seoul Story would like to extend our huge thank you to Mecima Production for the chance to cover this event! 🙂



Photo Credit: Mecima Production
Written by: Erlita Putranti





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