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“[INDONESIA] DAY6 Unleashing Top Notch Talents in Jakarta Live & Meet Show”

August 26th 2017 was a night to remember for Indonesian My Days as they finally managed to see five equally friendly and talented DAY6 members. Thankfully, Indonesia was included as part of their Live & Meet Tour after visiting Taipei and Bangkok earlier this year and the boys left a deep impression after the entire show thanks to the amazing music and interactions. Here are the top three moments that captivated us that night!

Top notch live performances
Kicking off strongly with ‘How Can I Say’, DAY6 showed off their powerful vocals and intense instrument skills. The next song ‘I Wait’,  led the crowd into a burning atmosphere with its strong sound. Leader Sungjin showed immense guitar skills while Dowoon was rocking on the drums, hitting perfect beats through-out the songs. With member Jae screaming “Jakarta! Are you ready to get crazy tonight?”, DAY6 continued jamming to their newest songs from their August’s EveryDAY6, ‘Whatever!’ and ‘What Can I Do’. The night also showed an incredible bond between DAY6 and My Days whenever fanchants were echoed all over the venue.

DAY6 Mantap!
To blend in with the local culture, DAY6 members had the chance to wear Indonesian traditional pattern shirts called ‘Batik’ in a 60-second game. The boys showed us high enthusiasm as their competitive desires built up during this segment. Crowned winner of the night, member YoungK flaunted his victory while the youngest, Dowoon was the last to wear it and had to do aegyo (acting cute) as penalty. All of them looked surprisingly chic and handsome in sumptuous Batik pattern shirts! As Wonpil would say, they all look “Mantap!” (Great).

Self-made presents from DAY6
Taking it to the next level, DAY6 successfully mesmerised the crowd with their abilities in making music spontaneously. The members were challenged to create their own songs with the lyrics My Days had provided through a message board, similar to ‘데이식스 작곡 여러분 작사’ (DAY6 Compose, You Write). Within a few minutes, member Wonpil swooned us with a song about My Days  followed by Dowoon who crafted a birthday song for a fan, which earned cheers from the crowd!


It was a beautiful night for My Days with precious memories etched for the fans who had attended the show. A heart-warming video was then played on the screen to express fans’ gratitude with a hope that the five charming boys will return again to create more memories together. DAY6 then bid their goodbyes with songs “I’m Serious”“Dance Dance” and “Freely” which received explosive reactions as fans danced along to the performances.

The Seoul Story would like to extend our gratitude to Mecima Production for the opportunity to cover this event! 🙂


Photo Credit: Mecimapro
Written By: Febby



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