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“[INDONESIA] BTS rocks up Indonesian ARMYs’ night”


Jakarta, 11 September 2015 – The long awaited day for Indonesian ARMYs has finally came, as BTS (Bangtan Boys), comprises of Rap Monster, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga and V finally made their first way to Jakarta for a special fan meeting and showcase unlike any others at The Kasablanka Hall, Kota Kasablanka.


The show that nigh didn’t start off with a grand nor a sudden appearance for a fantastic performance, but with a warm yet loud cheers from the crowds, as BTS walked in and Leader Rap Monster greeted, “Selamat malam”, continued with another introduction of the members also in Bahasa. Without any setback, fans’ curiosity over the member’s favorite Indonesian foods was the first to be answered. Jin expressed that he would like to try Indonesian coffee, while it is otak-otak for Jungkook.


After a round of QnA session and games, the highlight of the show was about to begin as BTS returned backstage to prepare for their performance, until suddenly the light went dimmed off, along with the louder scream from the excited fans, the 7 members finally appeared on stage with their hit song ‘N.O‘. Without any cutback of excitement, the boys continue with ‘No More Dream‘.


The mood then swift to be more relax as fans were asked to jam together to ‘Miss Right‘ and ‘I Like It‘, until the crowds went to another round of frenzy as the boys showed their group affection on stage by making a group hug and a flying kiss was also given to fans from J-Hope. The relax mood didn’t last long as Rap Monster hyped the fans back up by asking “Jakarta! Are you already tired?” of course he got a big no, and the show then continued with another hit song ‘War of Hormone‘.


As if it was not enough, the group showcased their sharp and synchronized choreography by performing ‘I Need U‘ as well as ‘Boys in Luv‘. Nearing to the end of the show, their latest popular track ‘DOPE‘ was up next on the list along with ‘Boyz with Fun‘ and lastly ‘Attack on Bangtan‘ was the song to end that night’s hysteria.

At last, BTS waved their goodbyes by expressing their enormous gratitude towards the Indonesian ARMYs. “I would like to say I love you all!” Joongkook said, while Jimin screamed “Jakartaaaa Jakartaaaa! Kami cinta kalian!”. Rap Monster assured the fans that this isn’t a goodbye by promising BTS’ return to Indonesia and visit the fans again soon.

We would like to extend a big Thank You to SH Entertainment  for organizing this event and for extending invites to The Seoul Story to cover this event :) visit our Facebook for more shots from the event!


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