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“[INDONESIA] BTS Fires Up Jakarta With Dynamic Performances”

Returning to Jakarta, Indonesia after almost 2 years since their last visit for a fan meeting, BTS also known as Bangtan Boys successfully held their ‘2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III : THE WINGS TOUR’ at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition on April 29 2017. The exploding responses were felt as soon as the announcement was made with sold out tickets almost immediately after the sales launched.

The show started off with a dynamic vibe from their latest song ‘Not Today‘, as fans immediately stood up and rocked along to the beat as soon as the boys appeared on stage. The concert continued with hot tracks such as ‘Am I Wrong’, ‘Silver Spoon’ and ‘DOPE‘. Synchronised and on point dance moves were the main highlights of BTS‘ performances, and witnessing them giving their all on stage live in action was certainly gratifying.

Moving along to the next segment, the boys took turns to charm their way into ARMYs’ (official fanclub name) hearts with their solo performances. It kicked off with Jungkook’s slick stage as he showed his swift dance moves with ‘Begin‘. Although the youngest in the group, he certainly had plenty to show to fans both in singing and dancing.  It then continued with oozing sexiness from Jimin with ‘Lie’ as he danced blindfolded, earning the attention of everyone with his unique stage. Suga then kicked it up a notch with emotional rap track ‘First Love’, showcasing his endless charisma on stage.

Returning back as a full team, the boys had a change of wardrobe and performed ‘Lost‘, ‘Save Me‘ and ‘I Need You‘ which had the entire audience up on their feet singing along loudly as they performed. After heart-racing performances from BTS, it was the leader’s turn to show his worth as Rap Monster presented a powerful execution of ‘Reflection’. Next up was V, and although highly regarded as one of the best looking idols on scene now, he proved that he is more than just a handsome face. With amazing vocal skills and ability to hit high notes flawlessly, V presented an impactful performance of ‘Stigma’. Switching things up, J-Hope gave his all with a bubbly stage of ‘MAMA’, showing that he is indeed the dancer of the group, no less. Wrapping things up, Jin belted out an emotional track ‘Awake’ accompanied by violinists on stage transforming the exhibition hall into a magical arena for the night.

What’s a BTS concert without some cypher-lovin’? Holy trio Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope fired up the crowd with an intense performance of  ‘BTS Cypher 4’ which sparked some head banging actions. The concert continued with ‘FIRE’ which prompted echoes of fan chants throughout the entire performance. Indonesian ARMYs were more than appreciative as the boys tried their best to interact with fans in Bahasa that night earning some laughter and encouraging cheers from time to time. BTS then presented a medley of their older releases such as ‘N.O’, ‘No More Dreams’, ‘Boys In Luv’, ‘Danger’, ‘RUN’ and ‘War of Hormones’.

As with other concerts, all good things must come to an end. Before officially ending the night, the boys presented an encore stage with ‘OUTRO: Wings’, as they interacted with fans as much as possible. But that’s not all! Pampering fans with more music, BTS wrapped it up with ‘2! 3! 둘! 셋! (그래도 좋은 날이 더 많기를)’ and ‘Spring Day’, as fans held up yellow roses as part of the fan project, showcasing their never ending love to the boys. With Rap Monster ending it off with “Aku akan kangen kalian!” (I will miss you guys!) and “It’s time to end this story”, it officially marked as a closure for the night with glistening sea of silver lights.

We would like to extend our huge thank you to IME Production for allowing us media coverage for this event! 🙂


Picture credit: IME Production




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