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“[INDONESIA] A ‘Sparkling Christmas with BTOB’ in Medan – Day 2”


The seven members of boy group BTOB (Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon and Sungjae) spent their 2015 Christmas with their Indonesian Melodies in Medan after making two comebacks with ballad tracks ‘Way Back Home’ and “It’s Okay”, the latter having won them their first ever music show trophy after three years. The boys serenaded fans with their smooth vocals at a 2-hour fanmeeting at Mikie Star Theater at the Mikie Holiday Resort in Berastagi, Medan.

On the same day, BTOB attended a special press conference where they answered questions posed to them by the media. Eunkwang said that one of their wishes for 2016 is to get another first place on a music show with all members present, since Sungjae could not make it last time due to an individual schedule. He also said that it’s been a long time since they visited Indonesia and they are very happy that they could greet Indonesian Melodies for the second time through this event. Sungjae and Minhyuk also conveyed their wishes to receive more love from Melody and also asked fans to look forward to their music in the future. Eunkwang also mentioned that their fans can anticipate a better image from the members and hopes that they will love BTOB in all aspects, aside from their music.

A special VCR video from Indonesian Melodies opened BTOB’s showcase, through which fans showed their appreciation for the members returning to Indonesia after so long. After that, BTOB appeared onstage in pristine white and blue suits, ready to perform for their fans. They kicked off the fanmeet with upbeat track ‘Beep Beep’, which was followed up with ‘WOW’! Both songs were energetic and livened up the atmosphere in the concert hall.

After the boys introduced themselves to the crowd, they took a short break and interacted with fans through a game session. Lucky fans were picked by BTOB to come onstage and participate in games and activities with the members. In this first session, a few fans received the precious opportunity to take individual photos with each member of BTOB! The boys were very affectionate and showered their fans with love and hugs.

The fanmeet continued with a ‘Telepathy Game’ where each member was paired with a fan. Each couple was put to the test to see if they could raise either their left or right hands at the same time. The winner of the game won a much-coveted prize – to receive a warm hug and to take a photo with BTOB!

Keeping in line with the ‘Christmas’ theme of the event, BTOB impressed with a rendition of  ‘The Winter’s Tale’ and Sungjae ended it sweetly by saying ‘Aku Cinta Kamu’ which meant ‘I Love You’ in Bahasa Indonesia! Although he stuttered a little while trying his best to get the pronunciation right, the fans cheered for his good effort. The members proceeded with the next few songs ‘You Can Cry’ and ‘Second Confession’ right after, all while showing lots of cuteness/’aegyo’ during the performances.

‘Way Back Home’ and ‘It’s Okay’ were the last two songs of the fanmeet. Indonesian Melodies outdid themselves, doing the fanchants loudly and singing along excitedly. Fans were left wanting more and BTOB certainly did not disappoint by coming out for an encore, performing the song ‘Shake It‘!

Afterwards, the members thanked the fans once again by saying ‘Terima kasih, Aku Cinta Kamu’ several times before they finally left the stage. A high-5 session was the true finale of the event, leaving fans with beautiful memories of Christmas with BTOB in 2015 🙂

The Seoul Story would like to thank Mikie Holiday for the opportunity to cover the event! :)



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