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“[INDONESIA] A ‘Sparkling Christmas with BTOB’ in Medan – Day 1”


Three years after their first Indonesian fanmeet in 2012, the talented boys of BTOB (Eunkwang, Changsub, Minhyuk, Hyunsik, Peniel, Ilhoon, Sungjae) returned to celebrate Christmas with Melodies in the city of Medan!

The event was held at the Mikie Holiday Funland and Holiday Resort from 25-26 December 2015. On the first day, the BTOB members spent time with Melodies in Mikie Holiday Funland, and selected Melodies from a lucky draw got the opportunity to take the rides together with BTOB! Fans gathered excitedly at the Mikie Star Funland entrance gate from noon to welcome the boys to the theme park.

The Melodies in the crowd cheered when the boys prepared themselves for their first ride – the ‘Tsunami’, which would bring the boys on full 360-degree spins. Sungjae, Minhyuk, and Peniel sat side by side while the Eunkwang, Hyunsik, Ilhoon, and Changsub were in another row beside them. Before the ride started, Minhyuk sweetly threw hearts to Melodies who were watching them from outside while cheeky Sungjae pretended to be scared and put on a faux frightened expression. The fans who won the lucky draw lucky fans took their seats as well for the ride.


BTOB quickly moved on to the second ride, and fans had the chance to follow around them the park and greet the members. The boys gave endless fan service by greeting back, smiling, and sending some hearts to them!

The second ride turned out to be the ‘Volcano’, and BTOB took their seats before the organiser started calling the lucky fans from lucky draw to take the ride as well. Continuing the thrills from the first ride, BTOB and the fans glided freely from a height of 12 meters while surrounded by the atmosphere of the volcanic mountains. Finally, BTOB’s last destination at Mikie Holiday Funland was the Star Theatre, where they spent more precious time with their fans.


Fortunately for BTOB’s passionate Indonesian fans, that was not the end of the day’s agenda! The next activity was none other than the highly-anticipated Star Dinner with BTOB in the Grand Ballroom. At 7pm, fans filled the hall and were ushered to their respective tables. After a short wait, the boys of BTOB finally arrived, looking dashing even though they were dressed in simple, casual clothing!

Before the dinner officially started, BTOB gave a special opening speech to kick off the event. During the dinner, both the boys and fans were entertained with performances of Christmas and love songs. Hyunsik also gamely sang together with the singer for ‘All Of Me’ by John Legend, melting the hearts of all the fans present. Leader Eunkwang then followed up and sang the next song, ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Josh Groban. Eunkwang overcame a shaky start where he forgot some of the lyrics and hummed along to the melody, but member Peniel helped him out by showing him the lyrics from his mobile phone. After that, Eunkwang blew the fans away with his near-perfect rendition of the song!

Towards the end of the event, Sungjae and Ilhoon started dancing together to the last song. They even roped the rest of the members in to join in the festivities, getting the fans all hyped up and cheering loudly. With this, the first day of BTOB’s ‘Sparkling Christmas’ in Medan came to a wonderful and unforgettable end 🙂




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