Covered Event

“[INDONESIA] A “Good Day” with full of fan service from Park Bo Gum”

Park Bo Gum successfully held his “Good Day” fan-meeting in Jakarta on March 23rd, 2019. It was his second fan-meeting in Jakarta after “Oh Happy Day”, 2 years ago.

The fan-meeting started with Park Bo Gum singing DAY6’s “I Like You”. Fans cheered their loudest cheers for him. After a little chit-chat session with the emcee, Bo Gum invited three lucky fans to come up to the stage to re-enact the scene from his latest drama, Encounter. One lucky fan got a chance to re-enact the back hug scene from the drama. When Bo Gum did it, the whole crowd whined and got jealous of her. Lucky fans indeed!

For the next session called “Good Day Class”, Bo Gum prepared a scented candle which he made by himself, live on the stage. He showcased his DIY skill while chatting with the emcee. When the emcee asked him about the theme of the scented candle, he said it was inspired by famous places in Indonesia. “I used this beautiful sand as the decoration which made me wanna take a vacation in Bali or Lombok!” said Bo Gum.

One gift is not enough for Bo Gum to make a Good Day for his fans. He also prepared gifts in the form of stuff he’d personally worn and products which he endorsed. After giving out so many gifts, Bo Gum went backstage to prepare the next performance.

After a while, Bo Gum unexpectedly appeared from the side of the hall! The crowd went wild as the actor came closer to their section. He started to sing while roaming around the hall to get closer to his fans.

Park Bo Gum performed songs from his drama OSTs. He also sang two famous Indonesia songs “Untukku” and “Kesempurnaan Cinta”, while playing the piano. Fans were singing along with him and got fascinated with his great pronunciation while singing in Bahasa Indonesia.

As the event came to an end, he thanked fans for giving him so much energy during his performances. “I don’t know how you guys know every song that I sang, I hope you all have a good day not only today but also every day, even after this event ended.”

After saying his farewell message, the show continued with more cheerful performances. Bo Gum performed a dance cover of TWICE’s “What is Love” and SEVENTEEN’s “Pretty You” as the encore stage. After the energetic dance performances, Bo Gum once again came down from the stage to get closer to the fans. This time he brought signed balls to give out to the fans.

During the final session of the fan meeting, he went back to the stage for photo time. Park Bo Gum wore the famous bunny hat during the photo session and made a cute pose; aegyo mode on! After that, he thanked the fans once again for coming to the event and asked fans to anticipate his upcoming project. The fan-meeting officially ended and all the fans asked to line up at the exit door for the hi-touch session with Bo Gum as farewell.

It was a well-spent Saturday night with such great performances and fan service from Park Bo Gum. We would like to thank Mecimapro for inviting us to cover this event!

Written by: Emilia Nuriana
Photos by : Blossom Entertainment