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“[INDONESIA] 3 Rocking Moments from CNBLUE ‘Between Us’ Concert in Jakarta”

The four dashing and talented men of CNBLUE came to Jakarta last weekend and brought BOICEs a truly burning, lovely, untouchable, and emotional experience. The pop-rock quartet came together and unleashed a powerful performance that showcased their versatility and theatricality, yet still rooted in rock. There were many unforgettable moments imprinted into the minds of everyone that attended the show, that made it seem like the distance between us and CNBLUE nearly invisible. But here are three specific moments that left a burning impression to us during the show:

Yonghwa effortlessly belting out ‘Despacito’

BOICEs know just how diverse CNBLUE can get with their music, but fans did not expect the front man Yonghwa himself to be singing the viral and sensational song ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, with little to no effort, and all in Spanish. Accompanied with his sleek guitar skills, Yonghwa shook the crowd to pandemonium as they enjoyed the precious performance. Safe to say that all the girls were swooned, ears were blessed, and all is well again with the world.

A ‘Manito’ Acoustic Session

Taking it down a notch, the quartet were able to showcase their diversity, yet again, by giving the audience a slow acoustic session with their newly released song ‘Manito’. The heart-melting, OST-worthy ballad sent the room into a romantic frenzy that triggered everyone to raise their blue moons high and swinging it to the melodious beat. A special moment caught on camera during the performance was when a fan standing in the front row received a cute wink from Jung Shin that sent the crowd into a massive craze.

The undeniable connection ‘Between Us’

Ultimately what made the entire show special was how genuine everything felt. From the way the four performed, to the fan interactions, to the way they all tried to communicate in Bahasa Indonesia to the fans, to the overall flow of the concert. The entire experience created a sense of connection between fans and the four gentlemen. CNBLUE showcased their true talent in music and entertainment that left a lasting impression to the audience.


It is no surprise that even after 8 years into their career; the group is still garnering much love and support from their fans. The show was unlike any other; a showcase of true and genuine talent and love from four artists to their loyal fans. CNBLUE definitely made a lasting mark into the hearts and minds of Indonesian BOICEs, leaving everyone wanting more as fans patiently wait until their next comeback – hoping that the quartet will return once again.


We would like to extend our thanks to IME Indonesia for inviting us to the event! 🙂
For more HQ photos from the concert, check out our Facebook Page!



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