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“[INDONESIA] 2017 Park Bogum Fanmeeting in Jakarta : Press Conference”

Prior to his first fan-meeting in Jakarta, rising actor Park Bo Gum held a press conference to greet the local media. The actor was all smiles and dashing in dark blue suit as he gave a warm greeting to the press yesterday afternoon.

The first question asked was about his impression towards Indonesia and Jakarta. Responding to the question, the actor said that so far, he has been having a good time. Park Bo Gum revealed that he has tried out various Indonesian cuisines since he reached Jakarta, such as Nasi Goreng, Satay, and Mie Goreng. Not only that, he also had a taste Duren (Durian) for the first time. As expected, the actor is a good eater!

Park Bo Gum told the media that he found it rather surprising when it was revealed that he would be holding a fan-meeting in Jakarta, since he had never been to Indonesia before. This opportunity came because the fans here have been giving so much love to the Hallyu wave and Park Bo Gum himself, which is why he feels really thankful to his Indonesian fans.

The actor also said that his heart was throbbing in excitement as he waited for the time to meet the fans. Seeing that there were a lot of fans who welcomed him at the airport, it truly became a pleasant surprise, and also a touching moment for him.

He also gave a bit of spoiler about the upcoming fan-meeting. The actor mentioned that he had prepared something special for Indonesian fans. That ‘something special’ is a secret yet to be revealed at the fan-meeting. To him, the time he is going to spend with the fans is something he will treasure, especially because it is his first time to be in Indonesia, and already gotten a great opportunity to hold a fan-meeting.

Moving on to the next question, this time, the actor was asked about his two hit dramas; ‘Reply 1988’ and ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’. He acclaimed that the two dramas could be loved a lot for different reasons. For ‘Reply’, the drama gave off a feeling of ‘familiarity’ to the viewers, while for ‘Moonlight’, its main charm is how viewers could see the beauty of Korean’s traditional culture in the drama.

Still talking about his dramas, the actor thought that he feels attached to each role he has played before. But, he had to admit that the role of Choi Taek in ‘Reply’ and Crown Prince Lee Young in ‘Moonlight’ are indeed special to him. Because of the two roles, he was loved more by a lot of people.

Not forgetting to share his plans in 2017, Park Bo Gum revealed that he is going to hold more fan-meetings in other countries until March. He also promised to continue showing his best with his acting skills.

When asked about the challenge in his career, he stated that it would be trying out more variety of roles. His passion for acting is indeed undeniable, that he even asked the media what kind of role people expect to see from him. The question brought in variety of responses, from ‘sajangnim’ (boss) to ‘soldier’. Let’s look forward to what kind of role the actor will choose for his next project!

Park Bo Gum also mentioned that there are a lot of other actors he wants to work with. But if an opportunity ever comes, he would love to act alongside Song Joong Ki. Not only that, he also aims to be an actor whom everyone wants to work with.

Lastly, the rising actor confessed that after visiting three different countries for fan-meets, he could feel the difference of each country’s culture. But no matter where his fans came from, they always become the source of his spirit and energy.

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