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“[SINGAPORE] Hyukoh Showcases Amazing Indie Performances At Live Concert”

Cheers resounded at ZEPP@Big Box as fans gathered enthusiastically together awaiting South Korean indie band Hyukoh to begin their performances. The quartet who was here in town on 24th November finally held their first ever gig Hyukoh Live in Singapore’ after completing several tours successfully in other countries. The band first shot to fame in South Korea after participating in the Summer Music Festival on the popular Korean variety show ‘Infinite Challenge’ and ever since then, this paved the way to their future achievements!


The group livened up the atmosphere by kicking off the show with favourites such as ‘Tokyo Inn’ and ‘Comes and Goes’. Frontman Oh Hyuk also introduced the group in fluent English and Mandarin and mentioned that he hoped everyone would enjoy their concert that night. After the introduction, the band hyped up the crowd with ‘Panda Bear’ where lead guitarist Lim Hyun Jae wowed the fans with his impressive guitar solo.


Hyukoh’s style and genre certainly distinguished themselves from the norm where their music was reflected upon their own fans themselves as it appealed to all sorts of ages and genders. The versatility of the group can also be seen through their compositions of their music and lyrics as well.


Some of the highlights of the concert includes Hyukoh playing their Chinese and English songs such as ‘Wanli’ and ‘Jesus Lived in a Motel Room’ where the lyrics definitely touched the hearts of their fans as they were sung in languages that could be understood by most of the audience. Oh Hyuk also shared with the crowd that his personal favourite song was ‘Tomboy’ from their full-length album “23” and even paused for a while to ask the crowd to sing a part of it so he could record it. How adorable!


Alas, all good things had to come to an end as Oh Hyuk announced that ‘Paul’ would be their last song for the night. Fans were already yelling “Don’t go!” even before the group departed from the stage and were already shouting in unison for an encore. The boys appeared back on stage once more for the encore closure.


‘Wi Ing Wi Ing’, which was one of their hit songs that won them the Most Downloaded Song at the Naver Yearly Ranking was a crowd favourite during the encore closer where the chants from the fans echoed throughout the entire hall and it was evident that everyone was immersed fully in Hyukoh’s concert. Last but not least, the band finally ended the show with ‘Surf Boy’ which is also another track from their album “23”.


Soon after the concert drew to a close, the crowd dispersed, and many fans whipped out their cellphones to capture photographs of the venue which would be served as keepsake of memories at the concert. It was a night to remember for all as Hyukoh made a lasting impression on everyone who was present that night.


We would like to extend our warmest gratitude to Secret Sounds Asia for the invite to the concert! 🙂


Photo Credit: Secret Sounds Asia – Dominic Phua
Written by: Cherie C



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