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“[FOOD REVIEW] Seoul Yummy Returns With Yummier Menu & A Modern Twist”

Interested in trying out authentic Korean food with a modern twist? Why not try Seoul Yummy?


Located at the newly opened SingPost Centre, Seoul Yummy’s latest outlet is one of the eight establishments here in Singapore. As the popular modern Korean restaurant nears its tenth year, they have revamped themselves with a new modernised logo, fancier interior and of course, new dishes!


Inspired by Seoul City, the Seoul Yummy interior encapsulates the spirit of Seoul – colourful, bright and undoubtly K-pop. Pop art of Korean celebrities like Big Bang and Yoo Jae Suk are featured on the walls. One of the key pieces are the colourful locks on pillars, a tribute to the ‘love locks’ on N Seoul Tower.


Customers can donate any amount to place a lock and a message on a pillar in the restaurant. The keys will be put in a box, and Seoul Yummy will donate the amount of keys equivalent in dollars and funds collected from the donation of locks to a charity every year with The Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF)  as the chosen charity for 2017! Following the makeover, Seoul Yummy is also debuting new dishes to capture the hearts of Korean culture lovers all around.


Spam Rice Balls
The ‘Spam Rice Balls’ ($7.90) comes in a set of four rice balls. The rice is mixed with seaweed flakes and tobiko (flying fish roe), and topped with crispy fried spam. For the health conscious, there is the brown rice option instead of the white rice variant.


We had the brown rice variant, and felt the brown rice holds its shape better and had more of a nuttier flavour. For those who do not like spam or prefer something spicier, there is also a kimchi and tuna version available at the same price.


The Return of Wagyu
For those looking for a dish to share between two, there is ‘The Return of Wagyu’ ($22.90), the name clearly referencing ‘The Return of Superman’, a popular KBS Korean reality program. It is a mini budae jjigae (army stew), served with wonderfully marbled premium US wagyu beef slices and presented in an imported ramyun pot.


The broth is not too spicy and the ingredients are plentiful. The thick slices of spam and sausages are not too salty, and the ramyun was perfectly cooked, firm and bouncy.



Hyeong Cheesepot
What’s a modern Korean cuisine without some cheese? Suitable for a group of two to four, ‘Hyeong Cheesepot’ ($69.90) comprises of barbequed beef ribs (choice of either soy garlic or sweet and spicy) sitting on top of melting mozzarella and cheddar cheese, served with a side of steamed egg, mixed fries (normal, curly, sweet potato and ddukbokki), and two other sides of your choice. Choices include fried spam cubes, creamed corn, fried chikin, nacho chips and chicken dumplings.


We had the soy garlic ribs and the combination of sweet ribs and salty melted cheese was a match made in heaven. The meat was falling off the bone, super tender, and the egg was delicious. They only have 5 to 10 portions of this dish a day, so be sure to try it when it’s available!



Ko Ko Pop
K-pop fans will surely know what inspired the name ‘Ko Ko Pop’ ($11.90). This bingsoo is smothered with chocolate powder, wafer cookies, and Coco Pops, and topped with whipped cream and a Ferrero Rocher.


The textural contrast between the sweet shaved ice and the crunchy Coco Pops makes it a delight to eat. It is not overly chocolatey and serves as a perfect dessert to finish off your meal.



Sista’s Love
To wash it all down, why not opt for “Sista’s Love” ($28.90)? This lovely concoction of grapefuit soju, mixed berries, pomegranate juice and sprite is served in a bucket which is perfect for sharing. The tart yet sweet drink refreshes the tastebuds in between dishes, and the presentation gets ranked A from us.



Seoul Yummy has definitely impressed us with their modern K-pop concept, even their menus look like magazines! For those who are itching for a Seoul eating experience, Seoul Yummy would definitely not disappoint! 😀


Seoul Yummy Outlets:
Bugis+, Causeway Point, ION Orchard, Jem, Junction 8, Square 2, The Central, SingPost Centre
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Photo Credit: Tricia & Seoul Yummy
Written by: Qian Yi



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