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“[FOOD REVIEW] SEORAE Fires Up New Additions For A Refreshing Royal Indulgence”

Most of us would agree that Korean BBQ (KBBQ) is the bomb diggity. But raise your hand if you’re tired of the cheap KBBQ buffets that are now a dime a dozen, with their questionable quality of meat. It’s finally time to treat yourself to some authentic charcoal KBBQ, with a phenomenal Korean dining experience.

Nestled in a quiet corner of Plaza Singapura, SEORAE is here to melt your heart with their latest spin on their mouth-watering menu and their signature dish ‘galmaegisal’.

The term galmaegisal might be foreign to you, but not for long. Also known as pork skirt meat, galmaegisal is a 250g cut found between the ribs and belly of the pig, an exclusive delicacy solely for the palates of the royal in ancient times. Bringing this privilege back to the masses in the 21st century marks SEORAE as a clear standout from its competitors. Together with their other unique dishes, SEORAE is determined to put your everyday KBBQ buffet to shame.

To start off, SEORAE uses an old-school charcoal grill, an integral for a truly authentic KBBQ experience. Around the grill houses a hot plate ring with 3 partitions – filled with kimchi, egg (which is almost as silky as chawanmushi) and cheese, as a dip for the meat. Once you’re done scraping it off, don’t be shy to ask for more as the eggs are free-flow, just like their ban chan or side dishes.


Galmaegisal (Garlic soy-sauce) – $21.90
Seorae‘s signature dish, premium pork skirt meat marinated with authentic Korean spices

Lo and behold, the one and only galmaegisal, which was definitely love at first bite. There are three options to choose from: original, spicy or garlic soy-sauce.

Grilled to perfection and marinated with a delectable fusion of Korean spices, the galmaegisal is akin to wagyu beef. Tender, juicy and overwhelming with flavors, it promises a blissful taste of royalty.

Only available at SEORAE, it’s definitely a must-try. The pieces of meat are quite chunky, reminding us of a less sinful pork neck with a savory and firm bite. Don’t forget to dip the meat into the melted cheese and onion sauce to seal the deal!


Woosamgyeob – $22.90
Woosamgyeob also known as the US beef short plate, this dish is marinated with SEORAE’s secret juicy sauce, making it even more eximious!

Upon taking the first bite, the meat practically melted in our mouths into a succulent gooey satisfaction. The charcoal grill brought out its savory juices and we couldn’t help but have more of it. We hereby declare that SEORAE’s woosamgyeob is on a whole new level, absolutely incomparable.

Worth every single calorie ingested, we have three words to describe it: Delectably, tastefully sinful.


Mix Kkochi Platter – $21.90
New on the menu is the addition of charcoal grill Korean street food skewers such as spicy enoki samgyeobsal, kimchi samgeyobsal, cheese woosamgyeob and pyogo buseot (shiitake mushroom).

The platter will satiate all your cravings, if you’re stuck in Singapore and unable to fly to Korea to try their street food. For extra indulgence, scoop up silky folds of egg and kimchi, or dip it with the melted cheese for an enhanced burst of flavors to complement the meat.


Haemul Pajeon – $17.90
Korean pancakes are a fast tummy-filler, perfect for any occasion. SEORAE’s Haemul Pajeon just happens to be massive, which is brilliant if you’re eating with a group of friends.

Packed with fresh green onions and succulent seafood, the pancake is served with a crispy bottom and a fluffy top layer, together with their special spicy sauce at the side.


Budae Jjigae – $35.90
After wolfing down so much meat, it’s time to revel in a welcoming hot pot of Budae Jjigae, also known as army stew. SEORAE offers it with a mouth-watering selection of sausages, spam, bacon, fish cake, tteokbokki, beans and fresh vegetables, simmered heartily with a special gochujang spicy sauce.

We’ve developed an ardent liking for stews in general and SEORAE does not disappoint. Their stew wasn’t too spicy or too bland and warmed up our bellies nicely. It was definitely pleasant on our throats and we found the savory taste of it utterly comforting.


Pineapple Soju Cocktail – $22.90
Your authentic KBBQ experience is never complete without a robust dose of soju. The Pineapple Soju is perfect for those who enjoy a sweet treat, us included!

We absolutely adore the pineapple soju to bits, which served as a boozy supplement on the palate. The cocktail was served in a whole pineapple and scooped straight from the husk, which gave our overall dining experience a major boost. A refreshing shot, we highly recommend it if you want to try something new!


A cut above your normal KBBQ, SEORAE promises an enjoyable and authentic Korean gastronomic experience that will leave you and your tummy utterly satisfied.

However, if you want to eat like royalty, you’ve got to pay the price, literally. The prices here are a bit steep, but we promise that every single cent is worth it.  Well, no harm eating like a king once in a while! Thank you  SEORAE for having us 🙂


Address: Plaza Singapura, #02-01, Singapore 238863
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Picture Credit: SEORAE



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