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“[FOOD REVIEW] Relieve ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Moments At Dal.Komm Coffee in Singapore”

Great news for all coffee fans! Dal.Komm Coffee has finally arrived in Singapore with promising range of food and drinks available for everyone. If you’re a K-drama fan, you would have guessed it right, Dal.Komm Coffee is known as the café where hit drama ‘Descendants of The Sun’ was filmed! In addition, talk of the town currently airing drama ‘Goblin’ was also filmed at the same place.

What sets Dal.Komm Coffee apart from other coffee chains is that they go beyond just providing quality coffee for its customers, it also incorporates music into their branding to enhance the café experience for consumers.

It plans to work with local record labels to hold “Veranda Live” events where artistes can promote their new albums and conduct fan meet-and-greet sessions. Budding singers can also audition to perform on the café’s “Open Mic” stage.

A unique concept about Dal.Komm Coffee is that with any purchase, customers will receive a Music Card which features either an individual artiste or a band. It has a QR code on it that can be scanned to access and stream a music video of the featured artiste on the card. Some notable artistes include Korean singers such as Eric Nam and Kim Taehee and even English DJ, Mark Ronson. How cool is that!


Honey Grapefruit (Cold)

One of the more popular drinks in the café is the ‘Honey Grapefruit’ where actor Soong Joong Ki was seen in Descendants of the Sun consuming the drink and eating pieces of grapefruit at the same time. The drink packs a punch where it is certainly refreshing with honey drizzled in it alongside the grapefruit. It serves as a wonderful thirst quenching beverage choice especially here in our sunny island!


Strawberry Cube

This particular drink is hands down a must try! With a blend of ice milk and fresh frozen strawberry crushes on top, Strawberry Cube tops our list, earning the spot of our most favourite drink of all time . The milk is not too overpowering and makes the perfect smoothie with a pleasant sweetness to balance out the entire drink.


Cherry Tomato Bingsu

Don’t be deceived by its looks, it tastes a lot better than what you would ever imagine! One would find it a little peculiar initially since Cherry Tomato Bingsu is something you won’t be able to find in most bingsu menus. However, the cherry tomatoes wholesomely complement the bingsu as they bring out the right amount of sweetness which goes perfectly well with the homemade sweetened milk sauce. To blend in with a local touch, plum powder is added into the bingsu as well.


Injeolmi Toast Red Bean

The Injeolmi Toast Red Bean makes a perfect afternoon snack if you’re feeling peckish. Coated in soybean powder and honey, it’s filled with Korean rice cake and red bean paste. The sticky rice cake has a texture that goes well with the red bean paste where every bite makes you crave for more.


Cruffin Matcha

This “croissant-muffin” pastry topped with matcha curd, honey and whipped cream is simply delightful especially for the matcha fans. With every slice that oozes out matcha curd and whipped cream, this balanced combination is surely a sight to see that makes it the perfect crumbly sweet snack that anyone could ask for.


Mojito Black Vitali-Tea

Dal.Komm Coffee offers a range of hot drinks and one of their specialties is the Mojito Black Vitali-Tea that fuses apple and lemon tea with black tea, mint and lemon grass. Feel the freshness with every sip along with tinges of zestiness to your taste buds!


Sweet Potato Latte

You certainly can’t leave Dal.Komm Coffee without having their signature Sweet Potato Latte. This luscious drink is purely made from the sweet potato itself where its milk-based is with dehydrated sweet potato powder. With a smell so heavenly, it keeps you yearning for more as the hinge of sweet potato lingers on your lips.

Be sure to make your way down to Dal.Komm Coffee for a visit to immerse yourself in the wonderful ‘Descendants Of The Sun’ experience accompanied with a delectable menu and soothing music.

Address:  The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road #01-102/103 and #01-01/0
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