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“[FOOD REVIEW] Enjoy Affordable Yet Appetizing Meals at Patbingsoo Korean Dining House”

Have you ever gone through a brain struggle to find out which restaurants are affordable and serve mouth-watering delicacies? If you’re a fanatic of Korean cuisine, Patbingsoo Korean Dining House is a place you should definitely check out!

More than what its name suggests, Patbingsoo Korean Dining House does not only serve shaved ice, but many other palatable dishes that is sure to satisfy your empty stomach. It is the best of both worlds, as their prices are extremely affordable, and its dishes present a twist of both Korean and Singapore cuisines. They also promote the act of sharing food with your family and friends, as they include many dishes that are available in large portions.

First off, the ‘Lychee Makkoli’, ‘Grape Yoghurt Soju’ and ‘Green Tea Soju’ ($11.90) were delectable and unique in its taste! It was a great surprise as not many restaurants offer such unique flavours earning Patbingsoo a plus point from us. For those that are not great at holding your liquor, do not fret! Its alcohol concentration is low, making it an inviting beverage especially if it is your first time trying out!

Most people would have tried ordinary ramyeon as it is popularised internationally. However, ‘Patbingsoo House Special Ramyeon’ ($11.90) is more than just the basics. With the right level of spiciness, the abundance of spam and kimchi alongside perfectly cooked ramyeon also helped to develop its divine taste. With its generous amount of plating, it serves as an invigorating platter in contrast to others making it the perfect platter to enjoy with your loved ones!

‘Rolling Cheese Pork Ribs’ ($38.90) would be heaven for all the cheese lovers. With piping hot cheese specially crafted to wrap around the juicy ribs, Patbingsoo earns another point from us with this mouth watering goodness complemented with just the right amount of spiciness giving it that little spark it needs. It is a must try as it carries a unique flavour, something that only Patbingsoo can offer, making you crave for more with every tender bite.

What’s a visit to a Korean restaurant without some chicken lovin’? The scrumptious ‘Chicken Wings in both Spicy and Honey Garlic’ ($11.90 each) from Patbingsoo would be our best pick from the menu. Albeit a little small, do not underestimate these little ones as they provide us with sauces so tasty and well blended, allowing us to relish in every bite of the succulent chicken meat that had our hands reaching out for more wings! It truly is an addictive dish that goes perfectly well in any occasion at any day. If we could describe it in three words, it would be “Neat, hot treat”.

They say you have a separate stomach for desserts and your visit to Patbingsoo is incomplete without a taste of their ‘Hoegi Patbingsoo’ – fruits, jelly, red bean and red bean ice-cream ($10.90) which sealed the deal for us. Strawberries, grapes and mangoes were incorporated into this dessert, inviting us to a bowl of refreshing taste of happiness! It serves as a perfect finishing touch and a cool treat for your stomach after a round of fiery dishes.

Although Patbingsoo is a new kid on the block, this restaurant offers a good balance of affordability without comprising its taste quality. With a menu filled with many dishes close to the hearts of Koreans, tickle your taste-buds fancy at Patbingsoo without really having to break the bank!

Thank you Patbingsoo Korean Dining House for having us! 🙂

Address: Plaza Singapura, #B2-47, Singapore 238863
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