“[FILM REVIEW] Part-Time Spy (2017)”

Nothing can beat an action comedy film that can keep you cracking up with laughter, but also make you tensed at the edge of the seat. That is how captivating “Part-Time Spy” was – its thrilling plot accompanied with sense and humor makes it a great family movie.

The film revolves around Jang Young Sil (Kang Ye Won), a 35-year-old woman who struggles to make ends meet in life. After getting fired from her contract job, she is miraculously re-employed, this time as a part-time spy at a voice phishing company.

The movie kicks off with a series of yearly flashbacks regarding Young Sil’s failure from previous university and job applications. Surprisingly, she gets accepted (finally) as a temporary staff at the National Security Agency (NSA). It then propels forward to a scene at a packed train, where Young Sil witnesses a pickpocket but has no guts to speak up. Luckily, temperament detective of the Intellectual Crimes Unit, Na Jung An (Han Chae-Ah), arrives just in time to catch the perpetrator.

Coming late for work while wearing unmatched shoes could easily make you blacklisted by your boss, and that’s exactly what happens to Young Sil. She gets fired, but discovers an incriminating secret of her ex-boss, Deputy Park (Jo Jaeyun). He has foolishly fallen victim to a voice phishing scam and transferred $500,000 out of the company’s account. Desperate for a second chance, Young Sil mindlessly offers to become a spy at the voice phishing company to retrieve the money, in exchange for a full-time position in NSA. There, she will meet the Chairman (Namgung Min) and Department Head Yang (Kim Min Kyo).

The plot thickens as it goes, driving excitement and tension up the sleeves of the audience.

Succinctly, it is undoubtedly a must-see comedy action movie. It sets itself apart from similar action comedies due to the counterbalancing of its culminating action scenes and the actual – not to mention, epic – plot that throws the characters into their distinctive roles.

The script itself was written with wry and wit. It isn’t too heavy to watch, but it does have some thought-provoking implications. Despite the hilarious nature of the movie, its meaning actually goes beyond superficial level. It reflects the act of human greed, and how each individual has their own ulterior motive; be it for justice, revenge, self-interest… or just survival in general.

A hilarious, light-hearted action comedy, this movie will give you barrel of laughs yet keep you in suspense.

Running Time: 117 minutes
The Seoul Story’s Ratings: 3 .5/5 🌟

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