“[FILM REVIEW] KOFFIA 2015 – Love Forecast (2014)”


Melbourne, 8 September – There’s nothing quite like the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from watching a feel-good movie. As a die-hard rom-com fan, Love Forecast was firmly on my list of “must see” films for the Korean Film Festival in Australia.


Moon Chae-won stars as weather reporter Hyun-woo, who is a hit with the public thanks to her good looks and elegant demeanor. Joon-soo (played by Lee Seung-gi) is her dorky best friend, a mild-mannered elementary school teacher. We get a hilarious introduction to their adorable, bickering relationship when Hyun-woo has to bail Joon-seo out of jail. He has horrible luck in the love department, and cannot seem to get past the 100th day with all his girlfriends. Hyun-woo doesn’t fare any better, however, as she is involved in a doomed affair with a married man (Lee Seo-jin). The two are staunch bosom buddies who frequently drown their sorrows together in alcohol at a quirky sauna-themed bar run by Min-ah (After School’s Lizzy). Joon-soo has held a torch for Hyun-woo for 18 years, but is often discouraged from making his move because Hyun-woo claims that she ‘doesn’t see him as a man’.

Hyun-woo gets swept off her feet by Joon-soo’s charming photographer friend Andrew (Jung Joon-young) and Joon-soo gets involved with fellow teacher Hee-jin (Ryu Hwayoung), but both soon realize that there is no better company than the other. Frustrated, Joon-soo confesses his feelings in a drunken fit to a confused and angry Hyun-woo. Their lives are further thrown into disarray when Hyun-woo’s illicit affair becomes a nationwide scandal. Unable to bear the shame, Hyun-woo tells Joon-soo that she plans to go on a long trip to Europe. Egged on by his students, Joon-soo embarks on a quintessential chase to bring her back.

Despite having the typical, formulaic plot we’ve come to expect of a rom-com with the ‘best-friends-falling-in-love’ trope, Love Forecast was a charming, low-key tale that touched my heart. I was also pleasantly surprised by cameos from Ga-in, Kim So-yeon, Kim Kwang-kyu and Hong Seok-cheon. Though far from the trappings of a cult classic, the film is light-hearted, upbeat and guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Runtime: 119 minutes

Love Forecast screening times:

  • Perth – 20 September
  • Adelaide – 27 September

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